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* panda5: Add wfd sink capabilitiesSunita Nadampalli2013-06-251-0/+178
* WFD: DHCP leases modification script installation changeSergii Kurylo2013-06-033-3/+12
* WFD: common-open fix.Sergii Kurylo2013-04-0811-2/+4
* WFD: WfdSinkLib conversion to dynamic java librarySergii Kurylo2013-04-0412-478/+94
* WFD: DHCP leases modification script addedSergii Kurylo2013-04-022-1/+10
* WfdSinkLib: Add state listener implementationAndrii Kulian2013-03-192-5/+88
* WFD: RTSP state listener support added to WfdSinkLib.Sergii Kurylo2013-03-194-2/+109
* WFD: Added 1280x720p60 and 1920x1080p30 resolutionsOleksandr Brykov2013-03-112-10/+14
* WfdSinkLib: Add Wfd role checkAndrii Kulian2013-03-041-0/+31
* WFD: Add WfdSinkService and WfdSinkPlayerAndrii Kulian2013-02-211-1/+3
* WFD: WfdSinkLib initial commitAndrii Kulian2013-02-2111-0/+774
* WFD: Added source and sink configuration filesOleksandr Brykov2013-01-313-0/+435
* WFD: Clean up deprecated filesOleksandr Brykov2013-01-252-239/+0
* WFD: Update WFD headersMykola Ostrovskyy2012-06-271-6/+8
* wfd: Add WFD header files which are required by other modulesSanthosh Behara2012-06-132-0/+237