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audio: Legacy: Use audio_route for kcontrol settings
Simplify the kcontrol settings through the audio_route library. The control settings are now moved to a XML audio paths file. Change-Id: I72670523968a6646aea28e1625798b04f7a7799f Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
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3<!-- Card default routes -->
5<!-- Capture: Mic -->
6<ctl name="Left PGA Mixer Mic3L Switch" value="1" />
7<ctl name="Right PGA Mixer Mic3R Switch" value="1" />
8<ctl name="PGA Capture Switch" value="1" />
9<ctl name="PGA Capture Volume" value="24" />
10<ctl name="Left Line1L Mux" value="single-ended" />
11<ctl name="Right Line1L Mux" value="single-ended" />
12<ctl name="Left Line1R Mux" value="single-ended" />
13<ctl name="Right Line1R Mux" value="single-ended" />
15<!-- Playback: Line-Out and Headphone -->
16<ctl name="Left DAC Mux" value="DAC_L1" />
17<ctl name="Right DAC Mux" value="DAC_R1" />
18<ctl name="PCM Playback Volume" value="127" />
20<ctl name="Left HP Mixer DACL1 Switch" value="1" />
21<ctl name="Right HP Mixer DACR1 Switch" value="1" />
22<ctl name="HP Playback Switch" value="1" />
23<ctl name="HP DAC Playback Volume" value="118" />
24<ctl name="Output Driver Power-On time" value="200ms" />
26<ctl name="Left Line Mixer DACL1 Switch" value="1" />
27<ctl name="Right Line Mixer DACR1 Switch" value="1" />
28<ctl name="Line Playback Switch" value="1" />
29<ctl name="Line DAC Playback Volume" value="118" />
31<!-- JAMR3 board, codec-A input: Line-In -->
32<ctl name="J3A Left PGA Mixer Line1L Switch" value="1" />
33<ctl name="J3A Right PGA Mixer Line1R Switch" value="1" />
34<ctl name="J3A PGA Capture Switch" value="1" />
35<ctl name="J3A PGA Capture Volume" value="0" />
36<ctl name="J3A Left Line1L Mux" value="differential" />
37<ctl name="J3A Right Line1L Mux" value="differential" />
38<ctl name="J3A Left Line1R Mux" value="differential" />
39<ctl name="J3A Right Line1R Mux" value="differential" />
41<!-- JAMR3 board, codec-B input: Mic -->
42<ctl name="J3B Left PGA Mixer Line1L Switch" value="1" />
43<ctl name="J3B Right PGA Mixer Line1R Switch" value="1" />
44<ctl name="J3B PGA Capture Switch" value="1" />
45<ctl name="J3B PGA Capture Volume" value="0" />
46<ctl name="J3B Left Line1L Mux" value="differential" />
47<ctl name="J3B Right Line1L Mux" value="differential" />
48<ctl name="J3B Left Line1R Mux" value="differential" />
49<ctl name="J3B Right Line1R Mux" value="differential" />
51<!-- JAMR3 board, codec-A output: Line-Out -->
52<ctl name="J3A Left DAC Mux" value="DAC_L1" />
53<ctl name="J3A Right DAC Mux" value="DAC_R1" />
54<ctl name="J3A Left Line Mixer DACL1 Switch" value="1" />
55<ctl name="J3A Right Line Mixer DACR1 Switch" value="1" />
56<ctl name="J3A Line DAC Playback Volume" value="118" />
57<ctl name="J3A Line Playback Switch" value="1" />
58<ctl name="J3A PCM Playback Volume" value="127" />
60<!-- JAMR3 board, codec-B Output: Line-Out -->
61<ctl name="J3B Left DAC Mux" value="DAC_L1" />
62<ctl name="J3B Right DAC Mux" value="DAC_R1" />
63<ctl name="J3B Left Line Mixer DACL1 Switch" value="1" />
64<ctl name="J3B Right Line Mixer DACR1 Switch" value="1" />
65<ctl name="J3B Line DAC Playback Volume" value="118" />
66<ctl name="J3B Line Playback Switch" value="1" />
67<ctl name="J3B PCM Playback Volume" value="127" />
69<!-- JAMR3 board, codec-C Output: Line-Out -->
70<ctl name="J3C Left DAC Mux" value="DAC_L1" />
71<ctl name="J3C Right DAC Mux" value="DAC_R1" />
72<ctl name="J3C Left Line Mixer DACL1 Switch" value="1" />
73<ctl name="J3C Right Line Mixer DACR1 Switch" value="1" />
74<ctl name="J3C Line DAC Playback Volume" value="118" />
75<ctl name="J3C Line Playback Switch" value="1" />
76<ctl name="J3C PCM Playback Volume" value="127" />