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audio: Legacy: BT SCO voice call support
The Bluetooth SCO voice call has the following data flow: Uplink: +----------- SRC -----------+ | | McASP7 McASP3 | | Bluetooth Mic Downlink: +----------- SRC -----------+ | | McASP7 McASP3 | | Bluetooth Speaker The voice call uses the ALSA PCM devices that are normally used by the primary output and input. The primary output is switched to a null/dummy sink when the voice call starts, and switched back to the ALSA devices when the call ends. The null/dummy sink consumes the data at the same rate than an actual PCM device does, but does not render anything to an output device (e.g. speaker). Change-Id: I63a41de96c4ed34b60aab9240d10ad83c06c69ac Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
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@@ -75,4 +75,11 @@
75<ctl name="J3C Line Playback Switch" value="1" /> 75<ctl name="J3C Line Playback Switch" value="1" />
76<ctl name="J3C PCM Playback Volume" value="127" /> 76<ctl name="J3C PCM Playback Volume" value="127" />
77 77
78<!-- Bluetooth -->
79<ctl name="Bluetooth Mode" value="Slave" />
81<path name="BT SCO Master">
82 <ctl name="Bluetooth Mode" value="Master" />
78</mixer> 85</mixer>