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* jacinto6evm: update wpa_supplicant service for kitkatEyal Reizer2014-04-091-2/+4
* jacinto6evm: enable OMAP_ENHANCEMENT flagVishal Mahaveer2014-04-072-7/+2
* audio: Legacy: Implement get_presentation_position()Misael Lopez Cruz2014-02-041-0/+28
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'omap-mirror/d-jb-mr2.0-release' into d-kitkat-m...Vishal Mahaveer2014-02-048-58/+104
| * audio: Multizone: Flush voice call mono pipesMisael Lopez Cruz2014-02-021-0/+3
| * audio: Multizone: Add support for auxiliary inputMisael Lopez Cruz2014-02-022-2/+11
| * audio: Multizone: Dynamic JAMR3 supportMisael Lopez Cruz2014-02-024-52/+67
| * audio: Multizone: Don't Round to 16 Input Buffer SizeAngela Stegmaier2014-02-021-6/+4
| * jacinto6evm: add support for radioVishal Mahaveer2014-01-313-0/+21
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'omap-mirror/d-jb-mr2.0-release' into d-kitkat-m...Vishal Mahaveer2014-01-2910-28/+60
| * jacinto6evm: remove changes done for flashing ipu partitionVishal Mahaveer2014-01-282-8/+0
| * Merge "jacinto6evm: update recovery UI pixel format" into d-jb-mr2.0-releaseVishal Mahaveer2014-01-271-1/+1
| |\
| | * jacinto6evm: update recovery UI pixel formatVishal Mahaveer2014-01-271-1/+1
| * | jacinto6evm: Enable wifi display configurationSunita Nadampalli2014-01-271-0/+14
| |/
| * jacinto6evm: add initial support for recoveryVishal Mahaveer2014-01-244-13/+8
| * audio: Multizone: Bluetooth slave mode workaroundMisael Lopez Cruz2014-01-242-5/+31
| * audio: Reorder voice call output stream terminationMisael Lopez Cruz2014-01-241-2/+2
| * audio: Fix inverted mic mute stateMisael Lopez Cruz2014-01-131-1/+1
| * video: Add IVAHD H264 Encoder to the media codecs listSunita Nadampalli2013-12-131-0/+5
* | jacinto6evm: update storage configuration for kitkatVishal Mahaveer2013-12-022-8/+20
* | [TEMP]jacinto6evm: changes to make jacinto6evm buildVishal Mahaveer2013-11-262-7/+7
* audio: Add OMAP_ENHANCEMENT to card name queryMisael Lopez Cruz2013-11-251-1/+3
* jacinto6evm: make fstab entry for mass storage more genericVishal Mahaveer2013-11-191-3/+3
* jacinto6evm: add dhcpcd service for eth1Vishal Mahaveer2013-11-121-0/+5
* jacinto6evm: mediacodecs: Add mpeg2 to the supported codec listSunita Nadampalli2013-11-121-0/+1
* audio: Multizone: Add support for voice callMisael Lopez Cruz2013-11-112-10/+354
* audio: Multizone: Refactor stream resume/idleMisael Lopez Cruz2013-11-093-50/+69
* jacinto6evm: copy ipu1 binary to out folderVishal Mahaveer2013-11-071-1/+2
* jacinto6evm: add ipu partition support for early camera supportVishal Mahaveer2013-11-072-1/+8
* jacinto6evm: CAN: Build can-utils if presentAustin Beam2013-11-061-0/+26
* jacinto6evm: Enable mtpfuse build and enable mtpfuse service.Shankar Rao2013-11-053-0/+21
* audio: Multizone: Define flag and add propertyMisael Lopez Cruz2013-11-012-0/+9
* audio: multizone: Add initial implementationAngela Stegmaier2013-11-018-1/+1944
* audio: Make audio_policy.conf a Pre-builtAngela Stegmaier2013-11-012-1/+11
* audio: Move jacinto6evm Audio HAL to new folderAngela Stegmaier2013-11-015-23/+43
* jacinto6evm: do oem format after flashing bootloaderSubramaniam Chanderashekarapuram2013-10-291-5/+8
* jacinto6evm: enable Bluetooth on boardEyal Reizer2013-10-282-6/+6
* jacinto6evm: enable WLAN flags in board fileBarak Bercovitz2013-10-241-12/+9
* jacinto6evm: load wlcore_sdio.ko once on bootBarak Bercovitz2013-10-231-0/+1
* jacinto6evm: update prebuilt kernel imageVishal Mahaveer2013-10-221-0/+0
* jacinto6evm: update default workspaceVishal Mahaveer2013-10-171-0/+91
* jacinto6evm: add permission for app widgetsVishal Mahaveer2013-10-141-0/+2
* jacinto6evm: enable userdata resize in fastboot scriptVishal Mahaveer2013-10-101-44/+44
* jacinto6evm: fix minor error in fastboot scriptVishal Mahaveer2013-10-041-1/+1
* jacinto6evm: add second USB port entry for mass storageVishal Mahaveer2013-10-012-0/+6
* jacinto6evm: call makefile for installing M4 binaryVishal Mahaveer2013-09-181-1/+1
* jacinto6evm: update boot image argumentsVishal Mahaveer2013-09-161-1/+2
* media_codecs.xml: Enable HW codecs for VideoSunita Nadampalli2013-09-131-0/+7
* jacinto6evm: remove manual insmod of sgx kernel moduleVishal Mahaveer2013-09-111-2/+0
* jacinto6evm: enable camera app for basic camera use-casesSundar Raman2013-09-061-2/+1