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Merge branch 'p-ti-lsk-linux-4.4.y-next' into p-ti-lsk-android-linux-4.4.y
* p-ti-lsk-linux-4.4.y-next: (35 commits) ARM: dts: dra7: Remove deprecated PCI compatible string ARM: dts: dra76-evm: Enable x2 PCIe lanes ARM: dts: DRA72x: Use PCIe compatible specific to dra72 ARM: dts: DRA74x: Use PCIe compatible specific to dra74 ARM: dts: dra7: Add properties to enable PCIe x2 lane mode PCI: dwc: pci-dra7xx: Enable x2 mode support PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Add support for SoC specific compatible strings dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add properties to enable x2 lane in dra7 dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add SoC specific compatible strings ARM: dts: dra7-evm: Move pcie RC node to common file ARM: dts: dra76-evm: add higher speed MMC/SD modes Linux 4.4.84 usb: qmi_wwan: add D-Link DWM-222 device ID usb: optimize acpi companion search for usb port devices perf/x86: Fix LBR related crashes on Intel Atom pids: make task_tgid_nr_ns() safe Sanitize 'move_pages()' permission checks irqchip/atmel-aic: Fix unbalanced refcount in aic_common_rtc_irq_fixup() irqchip/atmel-aic: Fix unbalanced of_node_put() in aic_common_irq_fixup() x86/asm/64: Clear AC on NMI entries ... Change-Id: I0803bbf022044e8687156756029bc9d86918a9bd Signed-off-by: Praneeth Bajjuri <praneeth@ti.com>
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