BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
p-ti-linux-3.14.y-android-rvcEnable late-attach on IPU2 and DSP2Buddy Liong5 years
p-ti-linux-3.14.y-common-rvcarm: dtsi: jamr3: Adjusting DSP SR0 rangeStephen Molfetta5 years
ti-linux-3.14.y-drm-wip-v1Revert "ti_config_fragments/android_omap: sdk: Enable OMAPDRM as built-in"Hemant Hariyani7 years
ti-linux-3.14.y-drmion: dummy: Increase carveout size to 8MHemant Hariyani7 years
ti-linux-3.14.yMerge branch 'platform-ti-linux-3.14.y' of git://git.ti.com/~rrnayak/ti-linux...Dan Murphy7 years
ti-linux-3.14.y-mmMerge branch 'platform-ti-linux-3.14.y' of git://git.ti.com/~rrnayak/ti-linux...Dan Murphy7 years
p-ti-linux-3.14.yti_config_fragments/audio_display: sdk: Enable OMAPDRM and misc built-inPraneeth Bajjuri7 years
p-ti-linux-3.14.y-mmti_config_fragments/audio_display: sdk: Enable OMAPDRM and misc built-inPraneeth Bajjuri7 years
p-ti-linux-3.8.y-videoMerge branch 'vip' into p-ti-linux-3.8.y-videoRakesh Movva7 years
vipv4l: ti-vps: vip: Different list_head for dequeue listNikhil Devshatwar7 years
hdmi-linuxomapdss: dra7x hdmi: optimize hdmi PLL calculationsArchit Taneja7 years
p-ti-android-3.8.y-videodefconfig: enable analog camera featureSundar Raman7 years
zebuzebu: drivers: gpu: Add pvr km sourceHemant Hariyani7 years
fpdlinkdisplays: panel: lg101: set up the ser/deser link from probeSomnath Mukherjee7 years
dssomap: displays: Makefile: Changing the build-order for fpdlink panel driverSomnath Mukherjee7 years
vpev4l: ti-vpe: Add crop support in VPE driverArchit Taneja7 years
p-ti-android-3.8.ydefconfig: enable VPE/Deinterlacing moduleArthur Philpott7 years
omapfbOMAPFB: Change init call from late init to module initSundar Raman7 years
p-ti-linux-3.8.yMakefile: Move up devices in initialization sequenceArthur Philpott7 years
p-ti-android-3.12.yarm: configs: Add android_omap_defconfigHemant Hariyani7 years
dsscompOMAPDSS: DSSCOMP: Fix for tiler2d address space access from DSSsrinivas pulukuru7 years
vpe-linuxv4l: ti-vps: Fix makefile to correct build issuePraneeth Bajjuri7 years
hdmi-androidOMAPDSS: HDMI: Squash and Revert the android series for cleanupPraneeth Bajjuri8 years
ionHACK: mm: ioremap: Allow ioremap for RAM buffersSunita Nadampalli8 years
gc320gc320: Fix MMU error issueye.feng8 years
omaplfbOMAPFB: Fix file permission warning 755 -> 644Praneeth Bajjuri8 years
hdmiOMAPDSS: HDMI: HDCP: Add HDCP Driversrinivas pulukuru8 years
vip-wipVIP: Pinmux settings addedArthur Philpott8 years
masterMerge branch 'p-ti-android-3.8.y-video'Sundar Raman8 years
sgxarm: dts: dra7xx: Add voltage-tolerance to avs_mpu and avs_gpuHemant Hariyani8 years
ui-bringup-k3.8-sgxarm: configs: omap2plus: Enable TI AVS CLASS 0Hemant Hariyani8 years
ui-bringup-k3.8OMAPDEF: Enable defconfig flagsDandawate Saket8 years