Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Use mmap to create the pthread_internal_tYabin Cui2014-12-191-0/+92
* Extract bionic-prepare-run-on-host to inc file.Dmitriy Ivanov2014-12-021-17/+13
* Build our benchmarks against glibc too.Elliott Hughes2014-12-015-5/+31
* Merge "Benchmark fread/fwrite both buffered and unbuffered."Elliott Hughes2014-12-011-15/+21
| * Benchmark fread/fwrite both buffered and unbuffered.Elliott Hughes2014-12-011-15/+21
* | Fix running the bionic benchmarks on the host.Elliott Hughes2014-12-011-5/+5
* Switch benchmarks and tests to libc++.Dan Albert2014-09-301-2/+1
* Prevent benchmarks from being optimized away.Dan Albert2014-09-251-2/+2
* Add benchmarks for pthread_rw_locksCalin Juravle2014-09-161-0/+32
* Start hiding "private/bionic_time.h".Elliott Hughes2014-07-251-20/+0
* Use VDSO for clock_gettime(2) and gettimeofday(2).Elliott Hughes2014-07-162-2/+50
* Make sure not to construct illegal property names.Christopher Ferris2014-07-151-6/+28
* Added a __system_property_serial benchmark.Brigid Smith2014-07-091-0/+26
* Added __system_propery_read benchmark.Brigid Smith2014-07-091-0/+27
* Cache getpid.Elliott Hughes2014-06-201-0/+11
* Fix GCC 4.9 complaint about int/size_t mismatch.Elliott Hughes2014-06-121-2/+3
* Size the benchmark name column appropriately.Elliott Hughes2014-06-111-2/+7
* Add __pure2 to a few more functions, most notably gettid and pthread_self.Elliott Hughes2014-06-112-2/+8
* Add a couple more system call benchmarks.Elliott Hughes2014-06-092-0/+25
* AArch64: libm: Fix ARM64 fenv_t and refactor ARM64 libm implementation.Serban Constantinescu2014-06-091-0/+40
* Turn on -Wunused and fix the mistakes it uncovers.Elliott Hughes2014-06-031-1/+1
* Avoid a system call in 'gettid'.Elliott Hughes2014-06-021-0/+11
* Revert "Removes bionic's dependence on stlport"Dan Albert2014-05-191-1/+2
* Removes bionic's dependence on stlportDan Albert2014-05-191-2/+1
* Switch to g_ for globals.Elliott Hughes2014-05-141-26/+26
* Add ability to run on host for x86/x86_64.Christopher Ferris2014-05-011-0/+23
* Modify hard-coded directory.Christopher Ferris2014-05-011-2/+12
* Build 32/64 bit versions of tests/benchmarks.Christopher Ferris2014-04-221-0/+3
* Reimplement isinf/isnan/fpclassify.Elliott Hughes2014-04-141-0/+109
* Add various benchmarks.Elliott Hughes2014-03-115-0/+248
* AArch64: Add fixes to bionic/testsSerban Constantinescu2013-12-162-2/+5
* bionic: move benchmarks out of tests directoryColin Cross2013-12-107-0/+688