BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
d-android-o-preview-2platform-manifest: O-Preview: Add TI ProjectsPraneeth Bajjuri4 years
d-nougat-mr2-releasemanifest: TI-projects: update nougat-mr2-release branchesPraneeth Bajjuri4 years
nougat-mr2-releaseManifest for Nougat MR2 Release Branch.Xin Li4 years
d-nougat-mr1-releaseTI MM projects: update ipc,dce and linuxutils tagsPraneeth Bajjuri4 years
d-android-n-mr1-preview-1Manifest for Android N mr1 preview 1The Android Open Source Project4 years
d-nougat-dr1-releasemanifest: update to nougat-dr1-releasePraneeth Bajjuri4 years
d-nougat-mr0.5-releasemanifest: update to nougat-mr0.5-releasePraneeth Bajjuri5 years
android-7.0.0_r14Manifest for Android 7.0.0 Release 14 (NBD90Z)The Android Open Source Project5 years
d-nougat-releasemanifest: add AOSP libdrm project backPraneeth Bajjuri5 years
android-7.0.0_r1Manifest for Android 7.0.0 release 1The Android Open Source Project5 years
d-marshmallow-releaseMerge branch 'android-6.0.1_r63' of Bajjuri5 years
android-6.0.0_r1Manifest for Android 6.0.0 release 1The Android Open Source Project6 years
d-lollipop-releaseManifest: Update beagle-x15 android device projectPraneeth Bajjuri6 years
masterManifest: Update TI mirror and projectsPraneeth Bajjuri6 years
android-5.0.2_r1Manifest for Android 5.0.2 release 1The Android Open Source Project6 years
d-kitkat-mr1-releaseupdate manifest to pull from git.ti.comPraneeth Bajjuri7 years
android-4.4.2_r1update android-4.4.2_r1 manifest to add TI projectsPraneeth Bajjuri7 years