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audio: Legacy: Use pcm_update_avail for voice input frames
The pcm input stream is said to be "steady" when the ALSA buffer has available frames to read. However, the input stream could go into the XRUN state when the voice thread takes too long between explicitly starting the stream and querying the number of available frames. For the purpose of determining whether the input stream is ready, the XRUN state means that the ALSA buffer is full and the audio frames can be read immediately. The number of available frames was previously queried using the pcm_get_htimestamp() function which returns an error when the stream is in overrun state and doesn't update the number of available frames. The pcm_update_avail() function does return the amount of available frames regardless of the stream state. Change-Id: I3afbb6f3d274b5f4fbd7133e48d2cbe51c223ccc Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
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