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jacinto6evm: Set 'media' user for i2c devices
The i2c devices are used by the radio and APPE user-space components, mainly to configure the analog codecs for DSP rendering and to configure radio tuners. The user/group is set to media:system in order to allow the APPE part to be started from the Audio HAL (which runs as the 'media' user). At the moment, not all i2c devices are accessed by the 'media' user but having them all accessible by media user provides more flexibility in case the analog codecs are moved to different i2c buses. Change-Id: If920c0861157863c43dbb59cbba9b1997a2ce00a Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
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@@ -18,10 +18,10 @@
18/dev/hci_tty 0666 bluetooth bluetooth 18/dev/hci_tty 0666 bluetooth bluetooth
19 19
20# Radio Tuners 20# Radio Tuners
21/dev/i2c-0 0660 system system 21/dev/i2c-0 0660 media system
22/dev/i2c-1 0660 system system 22/dev/i2c-1 0660 media system
23/dev/i2c-3 0660 system system 23/dev/i2c-3 0660 media system
24/dev/i2c-4 0660 system system 24/dev/i2c-4 0660 media system
25 25
26# cmem 26# cmem
27/dev/cmem 0660 system system 27/dev/cmem 0660 system system