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authorMisael Lopez Cruz2015-11-20 15:59:36 -0600
committerMisael Lopez Cruz2016-09-30 12:56:47 -0500
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jacinto6evm: Set permissions for IPC daemon and device files
Add permissions and user/group for: * /dev/hwspinlock. It's used to lock/unlock specific hwspinlock instances through ioctls * /dev/uio0: It's is assumed to be user-space I/O driver for the SR0 shared region. * /dev/cmem The user/group is set to media:system as the main users for these IPC related devices will be audio (which runs as the 'media' user) and radio (which is assumed to be a system app that runs in the 'system' group). The LAD daemon user also needs to be changed to 'media' for the same reasons described above. Change-Id: Icde29fd022ec83bb0ecc3f4edb185189c4ab3d16 Signed-off-by: Misael Lopez Cruz <>
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diff --git a/ueventd.jacinto6evmboard.rc b/ueventd.jacinto6evmboard.rc
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--- a/ueventd.jacinto6evmboard.rc
+++ b/ueventd.jacinto6evmboard.rc
@@ -24,7 +24,11 @@
24/dev/i2c-4 0660 media system 24/dev/i2c-4 0660 media system
25 25
26# cmem 26# cmem
27/dev/cmem 0660 system system 27/dev/cmem 0660 media system
29# ipc
30/dev/uio0 0660 media system
31/dev/hwspinlock 0660 media system
28 32
29# for GNSS 33# for GNSS
30/dev/tigps 0666 root root 34/dev/tigps 0666 root root