Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* jacinto6evm: remove oem spid-oreo-r6-core-released-oreo-r6-core-k49-releasePraneeth Bajjuri2018-01-121-2/+2
* jacinto6evm: make drivers built-inPraneeth Bajjuri2017-12-283-39/+4
* jacinto6evm: Add back auto configuration for initial bringupPraneeth Bajjuri2017-12-068-4/+99
* Merge branch 'd-oreo-r6-core-release' of Bajjuri2017-12-0610-121/+25
| * jacinto6evm: Make modules built-inPraneeth Bajjuri2017-10-273-21/+21
| * jacinto6evm: Remove car configurationPraneeth Bajjuri2017-10-273-9/+3
| * jacinto6evm: remove jamr servicesPraneeth Bajjuri2017-10-277-97/+1
* | jacinto6evm: support multiple dra76 evm revisionsd-oreo-r6-releaseVishal Mahaveer2017-11-141-4/+2
* | jacinto6evm: include dalvik definitionsVishal Mahaveer2017-11-081-1/+1
* jacinto6evm: update script based on new device namesPraneeth Bajjuri2017-10-251-2/+11
* audio: Combine the JAMR3 HAL into the primary HALMisael Lopez Cruz2017-10-256-1030/+48
* jacinto6evm: remove old EVM touch screen filesVishal Mahaveer2017-10-234-28/+1
* jacinto6evm: init: cleanup old entriesVishal Mahaveer2017-10-231-27/+1
* jacinto6evm: enable RRO on framework-resVishal Mahaveer2017-10-191-0/+3
* jacinto6evm: remove obsolete storage_list.xmlVishal Mahaveer2017-10-191-56/+0
* jacinto6evm: move vendor properties to vendor partitionVishal Mahaveer2017-10-193-3/+4
* jacinto6evm: modules: remove unused kernel modulesVishal Mahaveer2017-10-182-7/+3
* jacinto6evm: update cmem module arguments for larger poolsVishal Mahaveer2017-10-111-1/+1
* jacinto6evm: sepolicy: add new rules for hal_camera_defaultVishal Mahaveer2017-10-111-0/+3
* jacinto6evm: Include camera provider modulesDavid Huang2017-10-092-1/+12
* jacinto6evm: use vendor modprobe for loading modulesVishal Mahaveer2017-10-062-1/+3
* jacinto6evm: sepolicy: update for pvrsrvkm move to vendor partitionVishal Mahaveer2017-10-051-1/+1
* jacinto6evm: recovery: add kernel modules for recovery ramdiskVishal Mahaveer2017-10-053-0/+32
* jacinto6evm: Set IPC/Radio related permissions to system:mediaMisael Lopez Cruz2017-09-252-13/+13
* jacinto6evm: Move cmem and vis service to vendor partitionMisael Lopez Cruz2017-09-252-3/+3
* audio: Use XML audio configuration filesMisael Lopez Cruz2017-09-254-117/+84
* jacinto6evm: modules: add vision and jamr3Subash Lakkimsetti2017-09-222-2/+11
* jacinto6evm: modules: add touch screenSubash Lakkimsetti2017-09-222-2/+9
* jacinto6evm: modules: add display panel modulesSubash Lakkimsetti2017-09-222-4/+19
* jacinto6evm: move device specific configs to vendorVishal Mahaveer2017-09-203-96/+29
* jacinto6evm: update lad_dra7xx pathVishal Mahaveer2017-09-142-2/+2
* jacinto6evm: audio: Enable binderized HIDL interfaceMisael Lopez Cruz2017-09-132-0/+10
* audio: Move HALs and policy files to vendor partitionMisael Lopez Cruz2017-09-136-9/+11
* audio: Get card name via mixer_get_name()Misael Lopez Cruz2017-09-133-28/+37
* jacinto6evm: enable MultiUser configurationVishal Mahaveer2017-09-121-0/+5
* jacinto6evm: move module loading to late-initVishal Mahaveer2017-09-071-0/+2
* jacinto6evm: move soc specific init files to vendor partitionVishal Mahaveer2017-09-073-7/+7
* jacinto6evm: fstab: remove system and vendor partitionVishal Mahaveer2017-09-071-2/+0
* Revert "jacinto6evm: switch to generic bootanimation"Vishal Mahaveer2017-09-071-3/+0
* jacinto6evm: modules: add USB mass storageSubash Lakkimsetti2017-09-072-2/+6
* jacinto6evm: initial changes for vendor modulesVishal Mahaveer2017-09-064-1/+9
* jacinto6evm: switch to generic bootanimationVishal Mahaveer2017-09-011-0/+3
* jacinto6evm: enable new feature permissionsVishal Mahaveer2017-08-312-0/+3
* jacinto6evm: don't switch to CAR UI yetVishal Mahaveer2017-08-312-2/+5
* jacinto6evm: initial changes for automotive configurationVishal Mahaveer2017-08-283-0/+12
* selinux: grant rx perms to toolbox_exec where neededVishal Mahaveer2017-08-241-0/+1
* jacinto6evm: add vendor partitionVishal Mahaveer2017-08-235-5/+16
* jacinto6evm: initial O changesVishal Mahaveer2017-08-235-12/+49
* jacinto6evm: sepolicy: update rules failing buildVishal Mahaveer2017-08-225-6/+6
* jacinto6evm: add boot partition to fstabVishal Mahaveer2017-05-231-0/+1