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jacinto6: sgx-bin: sgx binaries update
Updating SGX binaries of the latest DDK source. Includes fix for building against Android M and fix for rendering Qt Apps. Change-Id: I37b49e7b079a1c03bc42d8c7111b8d6eb8c73d07 Signed-off-by: Vishal Mahaveer <>
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@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ sgx.tgz a set of binaries built for SGX544.
16[DDK Version] 16[DDK Version]
17 1.12/2917986 17 1.12/2917986
18[DDK commit ID] 18[DDK commit ID]
19 60cbf54 Enabling android native fence sync support. 19 3005661 um: Clear mte region clip state in emit masks.
20[Branch] 20[Branch]
21 android/1.12/2917986_k3.14_L_gem 21 android/1.12/2917986_k3.14_M
22[Kernel modules built against] 22[Kernel modules built against]
23 Kernel Version: 3.14.y with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y 23 Kernel Version: 3.14.y with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y
24[Build type] 24[Build type]
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