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IMG DDK 1.9.RC2@2139099 for Android
IMG DDK Release 1.9.RC2@2139099 for Android. Included in this release: - User space and Kernel module binaries - Kernel module source code TI patches: - 14f82bb SGX KM: ShrinkPagePool statistics changed to PVR_DBG_MESSAGE - 0a641d3 SGX KM: Fix num_handle calculation for ion handles - dbc5412 SGX-UM: Fix YV12 plane offset calculation - 3f30c44 SGX UM: HACK: add extra read in SGXInitialise Script 1 - 95e5e61 SGX-UM: OGLES2: Twiddled NPOT rounding - 4fabc62 BUILD: fix usage and help - f24e4ee BUILD: Add install option "adb" - 48917ad pvr-km: gc: Add page offset for ion allocated buffers - 770c613 pvr-km: gc: Improve gc map/unmap logging - 18ebcde gralloc: Map NV12 buffers with the GC MMU - ec5dbf8 SGX-KM: Enable APM for OMAP5 - 7cca393 SGX-UM: Enable APM for OMAP5 - 0a6cc20 SGX-UM: Don't load omaplfb module when in-kernel driver is present - 9b19be2 SGX-KM: Support in-kernel omaplfb - 83797fd SGXKM: Multi-plane support for deviceclass i-face - 12c0152 build: remove omaplfb from install step - a3b7939 pvr-um: use arm-linux-androideabi- and fix JB debug build - 3b8d413 PVR-UM: Make pvrsrvinit wrapper compatible with Jellybean - 9a51dc6 Revert "SGXUM: Implements Gralloc late CPU mapping" - 26fde09 SGX-UM: build - Remove target platform based configuration - d8fe8bc OMAP5: BUILD: Remove unused variable - a4bcb35 readme: Correct DDK version - 15e3e57 SGX-UM: Add support for hardware specific powervr.ini files - d94bbab PVR-UM: Add support to DDK for powervr.ini files - 43f0767 SGX-UM: Added 16 bit depth EGL configs - 2358502 SGX UM: Srvinit block until services ready - 427b204 SGX UM: HAL block OpenPVRServices until services initialized - c484977 SGX UM: Fix calculation of chroma plane in blit_internal - c2f5df8 SGX KM: Dump dsscomp info during HW recovery - 19a42d2 SGXKM: Adds support for 1D buffer allocation - 168ce6b SGXKM: Do not perform explicit invalidate on mmap - 51a40ae SGXUM: Implements Gralloc late CPU mapping - f408e0e SGXUM: Gralloc allow for late or no GPU mapping - 962d1bd SGXUM: Add allocation of images from system heap - ca11707 SGXUM: Adds A8/U8/Y8 color format to WSEGL - bb932d7 SGXKM: Increase XPROC_WORKAROUND to 500 - 9c9ee48 SGXKM: Fix file permissions - b5257f6 SGXKM: Make the DMM offset optional - 77bae8e gralloc: add support for GRALLOC_USAGE_EXCLUSIVE_DISP - 5d6ffd4 gralloc: publicly define omap specific usage flags - 9005320 SGX-KM: Block DPLL cascading when SGX clock is enabled - 4dc9a7f SGX-KM: Hold wake lock during hardware recovery - 21427b9 SGX-KM: Add logging of thermal events - 64c66f7 SGX-KM: Add cooling device interface - a796f63 SGX-KM: Add asynchronous frequency limiting to DVFS - 2f9849c SGX-KM: Add DVFS active modes - d461646 SGX-UM: Add DVFS idle modes - 205baff SGX-KM: Add DVFS idle modes - 92d816c SGX-KM: Make APM configurable by module parameter - d09e4ca SGX-KM: Adapt to device_scale interface change in K3.4 - 0522b99 SGXKM: Fix NULL handle warning when blitting GC320 - ef6bc2e SGXKM: Allow for late or no GPU mapping - 402c29a SGXKM: Allow for SW access to a tiler buffer - a92966c SGXUM: Adds YUV plane offsets for MM - e2d3b88 SGXKM: SGX Tiler non-page-aligned support - 8629462 SGXUM: Implements GPU Common Buffer Interface - f1cb649 SGXUM: Multi-buffer manage bridge - 9c740b1 SGXKM: Multi-buffer manage bridge - f8ad906 SGXKM: Implements Heap Alloc Failure Report - 16ca311 SGXUM: Add support for GPU unmap/remap - 24d416c SGXKM: Add support for GPU unmap/remap - 8db3ad5 SGX-KM: Use CONFIG_DRM_OMAP_DMM_TILER for kernel 3.4 - 67fac8b SGX-KM: Use pud_offset to get pmd_offset - 7f22d73 PVR-KM: Prevent compilation of dc_omapfb3_linux - 8ef6a11 SGX-KM: Remove hardcoding of values in egl.cfg - 83404ff pvr-km: kfree phys info at unmap instead of map - cf6a131 pvr-km: add a struct size to the physical descriptor - 2796bcb gralloc: Set flag to enable GC MMU mapping in PVR services - b423150 PVR-KM: Add function to obtain BV descriptor through 3PDC interface - 618943a PVR-KM: Map buffers to GC core MMU on allocation time with Bltsville - ae027ad SGXKM: Prevent mapping of export with zero ref - 83a3751 OMAP4-SGX-UM: Allow for tiler buffer SW access - bdd37c1 OMAP4-SGX-UM: Gralloc SW access and caching flags - fc2b814 OMAP4-SGX-UM: Gralloc HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_NV12 format - 81d1397 SGX-KM: Make PVRSRVExportFDToIONHandles generic and register it with ion - f9323d2 PVR-KM: OMAP5: Use shared device for Tiler 2D Mappings - 23a0b0b PVR-KM: OMAP5: Hardcode core version value - 6716f54 SGX-KM: OMAP5: HACK: Set the size of the SGX registers - a5e6ced SGX-UM: add detection of OMAP5432 in pvrsrvinit - 05ed03e SGX-UM: build: Add panda5 and omap5sevm to product list - 9468360 SGX-KM: BUILD: Add OMAP5 support - 35f7f51 SGX-UM: BUILD: Consolidate build into a single Makefile - 5274190 SGX-KM: (build) Remove Android product and version dependency - 1793900 Build: Don't install egl.cfg anymore - 2f97d09 SGX-KM: egl.cfg sysfs entry - 30a34b3 SGX-KM: Enable DPF, TRACE and ASSERT - debc1e6 build-km: Enable blaze and blaze_tablet for ICS environment - cadad99 build: Enable blaze and blaze_tablet for ICS environment - c01ac9b SGX-KM: Add ability to build multiple sets of GFX kernel modules - 7bab5dd build: Set correct load directory for kernel modules. - 40133cb KM: add support for sgx544sc - 8f93a09 SGX-UM: Add ability to build multiple sets of GFX binaries - d0081b4 SGX-KM: Use platform data for OPP symbols. - c7ae6ea SGX-UM: Enable building binaries for specific SGX - cdeeccb readme: Add README - 42bfb66 build: Add - 5bc6953 Create gitignore file - de46d4e IMG DDK 1.9RC2@2139099 for Android Change-Id: Idf232c3d08e9d022fa721f25276dccae93a7a0dd Signed-off-by: Eric Luong <x0119002@ti.c>
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