Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Move mmfs tests over to be drm tests.Eric Anholt2008-04-295-66/+53
* Move mmfs ioctls into the DRM. Untested.Eric Anholt2008-04-296-2/+482
* Rename drm_mm.c and its fuctions to drm_memrange.Eric Anholt2008-04-2812-103/+108
* Add mmap ioctl to mmfs.Eric Anholt2008-04-234-1/+175
* Add pread/pwrite ioctls to mmfs.Eric Anholt2008-04-239-34/+280
* Extend the mmfs basic test to do a couple of ioctls.Eric Anholt2008-04-232-0/+68
* Move mmfs.h userland interface to shared-core.Eric Anholt2008-04-234-177/+205
* Initial add of mmfs module.Eric Anholt2008-04-237-3/+551
* Clarify that drm_agp_ttm_backend is associated with a drm_ttm.Eric Anholt2008-04-231-1/+6
* linux-core Makefile: add GIT_REVISIONPekka Paalanen2008-04-222-0/+9
* i915: gfx hw and i945gme fixes from upstreamDave Airlie2008-04-222-3/+8
* [I915] Handle tiled buffers in vblank taskletKeith Packard2008-04-202-5/+19
* On I965, use correct 3DSTATE_DRAWING_RECTANGLE command in vblankKeith Packard2008-04-201-10/+23
* Fix buffer object map wait error.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-141-2/+5
* Fix buffer object creation validation.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-142-8/+9
* Unlock the BO mutex while waiting for idle, unmapped, unfenced.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-145-278/+271
* Fix up buffer manager locking.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-146-21/+41
* Save and restore dsparb and d_state regsKeith Packard2008-04-112-0/+17
* Missing KERNEL_VERSION macroPatrice Mandin2008-04-071-2/+2
* Add DragonFly BSD support for device creationHasso Tepper2008-04-071-1/+1
* nouveau: enable accelerated move to sysmemBen Skeggs2008-04-061-14/+6
* nouveau: enable m2mf for tt<->vram moves, fix fence_pollBen Skeggs2008-04-062-4/+2
* Place highmem pages last in the ttm page array.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-062-3/+11
* Use clflush() when available for cache flushing.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-062-3/+38
* [I915] Fix VRAM eviction.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-061-2/+2
* Fix emergency allocation accounting.Thomas Hellstrom2008-04-061-19/+23
* nv50: primitive i2c interrupt handlerMaarten Maathuis2008-04-052-1/+23
* nv50: primitive display interrupt handler.Maarten Maathuis2008-04-022-0/+17
* nouveau: fix return from function..Dave Airlie2008-03-301-1/+1
* Initialize the fence::error member.Thomas Hellstrom2008-03-301-0/+2
* [i915] Report buffer state _after_ fence submission to user-space.Thomas Hellstrom2008-03-303-6/+11
* Don't call fence::poll during irq if there are no waiters.Thomas Hellström2008-03-301-1/+3
* nouveau: forgot to add a breakMaarten Maathuis2008-03-301-0/+1
* nouveau: Add ctx values for nv86.Maarten Maathuis2008-03-301-42/+734
* drm/r300: fix wait interface mixupDave Airlie2008-03-292-9/+36
* r300: Correctly translate the value for the R300_CMD_WAIT command.Oliver McFadden2008-03-291-12/+27
* nouveau: nv20 bios does not initialise PTIMERStuart Bennett2008-03-251-6/+8
* i915: fix oops on agp=offDave Airlie2008-03-241-0/+4
* Merge branch 'r500-fp'Dave Airlie2008-03-243-11/+91
| * r500: fragment program upload is also used to upload constants.Dave Airlie2008-03-212-9/+24
| * drm: fixup r500fp submissionDave Airlie2008-03-191-10/+8
| * move some more r300 regs into not allowed on r500Dave Airlie2008-03-191-3/+4
| * initial r500 RS and FP register and upload codeDave Airlie2008-03-163-7/+73
* | nouveau: silence warningBen Skeggs2008-03-232-1/+7
* | nv40: voodoo - not quite.Ben Skeggs2008-03-231-47/+34
* | nv40: allocate massive amount of PRAMIN for grctx on all chipsets.Ben Skeggs2008-03-231-30/+13
* | nouveau: do not set on-board timer's numerator/denominator to bad valuesStuart Bennett2008-03-191-0/+7
* | RADEON: switch over to new production microcodeAlex Deucher2008-03-191-784/+48
* | RADEON: production microcode for all radeons, r1xx-r6xxAlex Deucher2008-03-191-0/+16064
* | drm: add new rs690 pci idDave Airlie2008-03-171-0/+1