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* Add meson build systemDylan Baker2018-01-121-0/+27
* amdgpu: fix not to add amdgpu.ids when building without amdgpuSeung-Woo Kim2018-01-081-0/+2
* amdgpu.ids: Refresh from AMD 17.40 releaseMichel Dänzer2017-12-051-2/+29
* Android: move libraries to /vendorRob Herring2017-10-091-1/+2
* android: add rules to build amdgpu.idsChih-Wei Huang2017-08-211-0/+9
* amdgpu: Add FX-9800P Bristol Ridge iGPU idJan Vesely2017-08-021-0/+1
* amdgpu: move asic id table to a separate fileXiaojie Yuan2017-06-122-0/+182