Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* kms: remove commented out libudev codeEmil Velikov2016-12-051-4/+0
* automake: Don't include Android Makefiles in the release tarballAndreas Boll2016-07-231-1/+1
* libkms: add symbols testEmil Velikov2015-04-281-1/+2
* automake: pick up all files for distribution.Emil Velikov2014-09-281-1/+1
* libkms: move sources lists to makefile.sourcesEmil Velikov2014-09-281-11/+9
* libkms: build the intel backend only when neededEmil Velikov2014-09-281-1/+4
* tests/kmstest: support exynosHyungwon Hwang2014-01-121-0/+5
* libkms: link against libdrmMarcin Slusarz2012-09-071-1/+1
* libkms: add dumb supportDave Airlie2011-03-031-0/+1
* libkms/radeon: Add backendnobled2011-02-171-0/+4
* libkms: Fix include pathsDaniel Stone2010-06-011-1/+2
* libkms/nouveau: Add supportMarcin Koƛcielnicki2010-02-271-0/+4
* libkms: Add missing include file to libkms sourceJakob Bornecrantz2010-02-181-0/+1
* libkms: Use sysfs instead of udev to find driverJakob Bornecrantz2010-01-121-2/+5
* libkms: Add intel backendJakob Bornecrantz2010-01-071-0/+1
* libkms: Pick driver backend via pci id that we get from udevJakob Bornecrantz2010-01-071-1/+3
* libkms: Make vmwgfx optionalJakob Bornecrantz2010-01-051-2/+5
* libkms: Add libkmsJakob Bornecrantz2009-12-041-0/+20