Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* headers: Sync up kernel changes to use kernel types instead of stdint.h.Eric Anholt2017-11-101-64/+64
* radeon: sync radeon_drm.h with the kernelMarek Olšák2016-09-051-9/+42
* radeon: sync with radeon_drm.h from kernel headersMarek Olšák2014-04-041-3/+28
* Bump the version to 2.4.50Marek Olšák2013-12-031-0/+1
* radeon: implement 2D tiling for CIKMarek Olšák2013-11-221-0/+11
* radeon: Fix tiling mode index for 1D tiled depth/stencil surfaces on CIKMichel Dänzer2013-09-181-0/+2
* radeon: update radeon_drm.h to kernel last API additions v2Jerome Glisse2013-04-121-0/+81
* radeon: add surface allocator helper v10Jerome Glisse2012-02-011-7/+17
* Copy headers from kernel drm-core-nextDave Airlie2010-08-031-0/+4
* radeon: add square-tiling flagMarek Olšák2010-02-171-0/+1
* Finish fixing the build on FreeBSDRobert Noland2009-11-241-1/+1
* Copy headers from kernel v2.6.32-rc6-130-g5b8f0beKristian Høgsberg2009-11-171-0/+911