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* README updateBuddy Liong2014-08-206-22/+22
* [TEST_QNX] Fixing compiler warningsBuddy Liong2014-08-202-11/+0
* [QNX] Fixing compiler warning.Buddy Liong2014-08-201-1/+3
* [VIDENC2] Single planar support for encoder inputPradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-08-171-1/+11
* README updatebuddy.liong2014-07-171-3/+3
* [Linux] Add automatic search path for IPC headersPradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-07-163-12/+12
* [DCE_TEST] When outBufsInUse is set, use previous inputIDbuddy.liong2014-05-271-1/+1
* README updatebuddy.liong2014-04-101-1/+1
* Updating READMEbuddy.liong2014-03-251-88/+6
* Merge "updating gitignore"Pradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-03-261-0/+2
| * updating gitignorePradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-03-251-0/+2
* | Merge "[LINUX] Manage Tiler Pinning for dce DRM buffers"Pradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-03-266-37/+99
| * [LINUX] Manage Tiler Pinning for dce DRM buffersPradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-03-256-37/+99
* | [LIBDCE] Updating READMEbuddy.liong2014-03-061-1/+1
* | [DCE_TEST] Dump output frames per user specified request for NON-TILERSubash Lakkimsetti2014-03-061-1/+1
* [LIBDCE] Rename Makefile to Makefile.qnxbuddy.liong2014-01-291-3/+3
* [DCE_TEST] Clean up of OMAP5 flag for MPEG4 decoder.buddy.liong2014-01-291-7/+2
* [Fix] Hold mutex during Mmrpc_callPradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-01-031-10/+49
* [Bug] Fix possible client count overflowPradeep Venkatasubbarao2014-01-031-4/+6
* [LIBDCE] Clean up README and unsupported header files.buddy.liong2013-12-184-1861/+30
* [LIBDCE]: Changes to make Encoder and Decoder co-exist on AndroidSunita Nadampalli2013-12-112-54/+47
* Merge "[DSP]Added duplicate functions for buffer lock and unlock."Buddy Liong2013-12-062-5/+79
| * [DSP]Added duplicate functions for buffer lock and unlock.Pradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-12-062-5/+79
* | [LIBDCE] Add non-TILER input buffer for dce_enc_testbuddy.liong2013-12-041-44/+88
* | [LIBDCE] Spacing and alignment clean upbuddy.liong2013-12-031-210/+208
* Added VIDDEC2 interfaces for DSP codecsPradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-12-037-58/+1289
* [LIBDCE] Get codec version on dce_test and dce_enc_testbuddy.liong2013-11-153-49/+129
* [LIBDCE] Add non-TILER output buffer for dce_enc_testbuddy.liong2013-11-151-124/+108
* [ANDROID] update make file for ipc Nadampalli2013-11-071-1/+1
* [LIBDCE] Remove memcpy in read_input for dce_enc_testBuddy Liong2013-11-061-77/+15
* [FIX][DCE_ENC_TEST] Allocate buffer for Motion vector and SADSubash Lakkimsetti2013-11-041-2/+26
* [Linux] Makefile updated to export xdais/fc headerChandramohan2013-09-273-1/+6
* Add check for ownership for file descriptorAmarinder Bindra2013-09-271-2/+12
* Add test for cross-compiling.Mrinmayee Hingolikar2013-09-271-1/+3
* [Linux] fixed an unreachable statementChandramohan2013-09-271-1/+1
* [LIBDCE] Replace Semaphore with MutexSunita Nadampalli2013-09-262-74/+20
* [LIBDCE] Fix memory leak on dce_ipc_init failureSunita Nadampalli2013-09-241-1/+1
* [LIBDCE][ANDROID] unify 1D output buffer support for Android/LinuxSunita Nadampalli2013-09-231-24/+1
* [LIBDCE] Add single planar output buffer support for AndroidSunita Nadampalli2013-09-181-2/+25
* Android make file update for new project pathSunita Nadampalli2013-09-181-3/+3
* [LIBDCE] Add TI License Header for the codec headersSunita Nadampalli2013-09-1310-0/+321
* [LIBDCE] Trace and Comments cleanupSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-132-57/+31
* [LINUX] Fix for memory allocation/free in buf_lock/unlockSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-131-2/+8
* [LIBDCE] Add Android specific changesSunita Nadampalli2013-09-135-5/+112
* [LIBDCE] Move semaphore handling into dce_sem_* methodsSunita Nadampalli2013-09-131-9/+40
* [LIBDCE] Add support for offset within the xlation buffersSunita Nadampalli2013-09-131-12/+12
* [LIBDCE] update memplugin headers and apisSunita Nadampalli2013-09-135-43/+50
* [DOC] Update ReadMeSaurabh Bipin Chandra2013-09-061-8/+429
* [DOC] Renamed README.txt as READMEPradeep Venkatasubbarao2013-09-061-0/+0
* [LIBDCE] Update .gitignoreBuddy Liong2013-09-051-0/+3