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* Merge branch 'linux-5.10.y' of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...ti-linux-5.10.yLCPD Auto Merger2021-01-04726-3421/+5417
| * Linux 5.10.4Greg Kroah-Hartman2020-12-301-1/+1
| * x86/CPU/AMD: Save AMD NodeId as cpu_die_idYazen Ghannam2020-12-305-17/+24
| * drm/edid: fix objtool warning in drm_cvt_modes()Linus Torvalds2020-12-301-2/+2
| * null_blk: Fail zone append to conventional zonesDamien Le Moal2020-12-301-1/+4
| * null_blk: Fix zone size initializationDamien Le Moal2020-12-301-8/+15
| * Revert: "ring-buffer: Remove HAVE_64BIT_ALIGNED_ACCESS"Steven Rostedt (VMware)2020-12-302-4/+29
| * rtc: ep93xx: Fix NULL pointer dereference in ep93xx_rtc_read_timeNikita Shubin2020-12-301-3/+3
| * thermal/drivers/cpufreq_cooling: Update cpufreq_state only if state has changedZhuguangqing2020-12-301-3/+1
| * remoteproc: sysmon: Ensure remote notification orderingBjorn Andersson2020-12-301-4/+21
| * regulator: axp20x: Fix DLDO2 voltage control register mask for AXP22xDingHua Ma2020-12-301-1/+1
| * PCI: Fix pci_slot_release() NULL pointer dereferenceJubin Zhong2020-12-301-3/+3
| * of: fix linker-section match-table corruptionJohan Hovold2020-12-301-0/+1
| * mt76: add back the SUPPORTS_REORDERING_BUFFER flagFelix Fietkau2020-12-301-0/+1
| * tracing: Disable ftrace selftests when any tracer is runningMasami Hiramatsu2020-12-306-14/+25
| * platform/x86: intel-vbtn: Allow switch events on Acer Switch Alpha 12Carlos Garnacho2020-12-301-0/+6
| * libnvdimm/namespace: Fix reaping of invalidated block-window-namespace labelsDan Williams2020-12-301-0/+9
| * memory: renesas-rpc-if: Fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable in rpcif_{enable,dis...Lad Prabhakar2020-12-301-1/+1
| * memory: renesas-rpc-if: Return correct value to the caller of rpcif_manual_xf...Lad Prabhakar2020-12-301-1/+2
| * memory: renesas-rpc-if: Fix a node reference leak in rpcif_probe()Lad Prabhakar2020-12-301-0/+2
| * memory: jz4780_nemc: Fix an error pointer vs NULL check in probe()Dan Carpenter2020-12-301-2/+2
| * xenbus/xenbus_backend: Disallow pending watch messagesSeongJae Park2020-12-301-0/+7
| * xen/xenbus: Count pending messages for each watchSeongJae Park2020-12-302-11/+20
| * xen/xenbus/xen_bus_type: Support will_handle watch callbackSeongJae Park2020-12-302-1/+4
| * xen/xenbus: Add 'will_handle' callback support in xenbus_watch_path()SeongJae Park2020-12-306-7/+17
| * xen/xenbus: Allow watches discard events before queueingSeongJae Park2020-12-304-1/+16
| * xen-blkback: set ring->xenblkd to NULL after kthread_stop()Pawel Wieczorkiewicz2020-12-301-0/+1
| * driver: core: Fix list corruption after device_del()Takashi Iwai2020-12-301-1/+1
| * dma-buf/dma-resv: Respect num_fences when initializing the shared fence list.Maarten Lankhorst2020-12-301-1/+1
| * device-dax/core: Fix memory leak when rmmod dax.koWang Hai2020-12-301-0/+1
| * counter: microchip-tcb-capture: Fix CMR value checkWilliam Breathitt Gray2020-12-301-6/+10
| * clk: tegra: Do not return 0 on failureNicolin Chen2020-12-301-2/+2
| * clk: mvebu: a3700: fix the XTAL MODE pin to MPP1_9Terry Zhou2020-12-301-2/+2
| * clk: ingenic: Fix divider calculation with div tablesPaul Cercueil2020-12-301-4/+10
| * pinctrl: sunxi: Always call chained_irq_{enter, exit} in sunxi_pinctrl_irq_ha...Yangtao Li2020-12-301-2/+4
| * md/cluster: fix deadlock when node is doing resync jobZhao Heming2020-12-302-31/+42
| * md/cluster: block reshape with remote resync jobZhao Heming2020-12-301-2/+6
| * iio:adc:ti-ads124s08: Fix alignment and data leak issues.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-301-3/+10
| * iio:adc:ti-ads124s08: Fix buffer being too long.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-301-1/+1
| * iio:imu:bmi160: Fix alignment and data leak issuesJonathan Cameron2020-12-302-4/+9
| * iio:imu:bmi160: Fix too large a buffer.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-301-2/+2
| * iio:pressure:mpl3115: Force alignment of bufferJonathan Cameron2020-12-301-1/+8
| * iio:magnetometer:mag3110: Fix alignment and data leak issues.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-301-4/+9
| * iio:light:st_uvis25: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-302-3/+10
| * iio:light:rpr0521: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak.Jonathan Cameron2020-12-301-4/+13
| * iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: fix edge-trigger interruptsLorenzo Bianconi2020-12-301-5/+21
| * iio: adc: rockchip_saradc: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in ro...Qinglang Miao2020-12-301-1/+1
| * iio: buffer: Fix demux updateNuno Sá2020-12-301-3/+3
| * openat2: reject RESOLVE_BENEATH|RESOLVE_IN_ROOTAleksa Sarai2020-12-301-0/+4
| * scsi: lpfc: Re-fix use after free in lpfc_rq_buf_free()James Smart2020-12-301-1/+1