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authorDoug Zongker2010-01-20 18:34:10 -0600
committerDoug Zongker2010-01-21 14:50:04 -0600
commit687bc12ccfbda26ad134b27d09d1d70a2b8705a6 (patch)
tree83d313c1cb3e9a3a6795faeceb832cfd1f423870 /bootloader.h
parent883b4c8be5f50cde679cdfa589d7ade83c0253b7 (diff)
save the recovery log from before HTC firmware updates
When doing a firmware (radio or hboot) update on HTC devices, save the recovery log in block 1 of the cache partition, before the firmware image and the UI bitmaps. When we boot back into recovery after the firmware update to reformat the cache partition, copy that log out of cache before reformatting it and dump it into the current invocation's log. The practical upshot of all this is that we can see the log output from radio and hboot updates. Change-Id: Ie0e89566754c88f4bed6a90d8a0aa04047b01a27
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diff --git a/bootloader.h b/bootloader.h
index 3d4302f1..fec6409f 100644
--- a/bootloader.h
+++ b/bootloader.h
@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@ int set_bootloader_message(const struct bootloader_message *in);
54int write_update_for_bootloader( 54int write_update_for_bootloader(
55 const char *update, int update_len, 55 const char *update, int update_len,
56 int bitmap_width, int bitmap_height, int bitmap_bpp, 56 int bitmap_width, int bitmap_height, int bitmap_bpp,
57 const char *busy_bitmap, const char *error_bitmap); 57 const char *busy_bitmap, const char *error_bitmap,
58 const char *log_filename);
60/* Look for a log stored in the cache partition in the block after the
61 * firmware update header. If we can read such a log, copy it to
62 * stdout (ie, the current log).
63 */
64void recover_firmware_update_log();
58 65
59#endif 66#endif