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authorDoug Zongker2010-02-02 15:09:52 -0600
committerDoug Zongker2010-02-03 11:20:07 -0600
commite08991e02a7d678f2574e85289a34b2a9a537c82 (patch)
treeca53b4adbf66388805a47f93c440412be552761c /bootloader.h
parent93dbe07ff6c06e8df2c804cbac63601fbb1de041 (diff)
bump updater API version to 3; deprecate firmware update command
Remove support for the HTC-specific "firmware" update command and the corresponding edify function write_firmware_update(). This functionality is now done by an edify extension library that lives in vendor/htc. Change-Id: I80858951ff10ed8dfff98aefb796bef009e05efb
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diff --git a/bootloader.h b/bootloader.h
index fec6409f..2e749aa1 100644
--- a/bootloader.h
+++ b/bootloader.h
@@ -47,20 +47,4 @@ struct bootloader_message {
47int get_bootloader_message(struct bootloader_message *out); 47int get_bootloader_message(struct bootloader_message *out);
48int set_bootloader_message(const struct bootloader_message *in); 48int set_bootloader_message(const struct bootloader_message *in);
49 49
50/* Write an update to the cache partition for update-radio or update-hboot.
51 * Note, this destroys any filesystem on the cache partition!
52 * The expected bitmap format is 240x320, 16bpp (2Bpp), RGB 5:6:5.
53 */
54int write_update_for_bootloader(
55 const char *update, int update_len,
56 int bitmap_width, int bitmap_height, int bitmap_bpp,
57 const char *busy_bitmap, const char *error_bitmap,
58 const char *log_filename);
60/* Look for a log stored in the cache partition in the block after the
61 * firmware update header. If we can read such a log, copy it to
62 * stdout (ie, the current log).
63 */
64void recover_firmware_update_log();
66#endif 50#endif