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recovery: use __android_log_pmsg_file_write for log files
- Add call to __android_log_pmsg_file_write for recovery logging. - Add call to refresh pmsg if we reboot back into recovery and then allow overwrite of those logs. - Add a new one-time executable recovery-refresh that refreshes pmsg in post-fs phase of init. We rely on pmsg eventually scrolling off to age the content after recovery-persist has done its job. - Add a new one-time executable recovery-persist that transfers from pmsg to /data/misc/recovery/ directory if /cache is not mounted in post-fs-data phase of init. - Build and appropriately trigger the above two as required if BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE is undefined. - Add some simple unit tests NB: Test failure is expected on systems that do not deliver either the recovery-persist or recovery-refresh executables, e.g. systems with /cache. Tests also require a timely reboot sequence of test to truly verify, tests provide guidance on stderr to direct. Bug: 27176738 Change-Id: I17bb95980234984f6b2087fd5941b0a3126b706b
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1on post-fs
2 exec - system log -- /system/bin/recovery-refresh