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authorTao Bao2017-09-29 19:11:13 -0500
committerTao Bao2017-10-02 13:18:13 -0500
commit3e18f2bf4004e9df2f7fcee0d2035552404ff715 (patch)
tree5419ae85b390213bbca80f905584c28dd4b2fd37 /recovery.cpp
parente8ee697364c1d123dccd3249a9f9e062e40a0fb4 (diff)
roots: Fix an issue with volume_for_path().
The earlier commit in 2dfc1a38982c4052bb32bc7fc06edeadf3908fb9 unintentionally changed the behavior. It gives a different result when looking up non-existent mount points (e.g. /cache on marlin). The logic behind volume_for_path("/xyz") is unclear: - It's fine to return non-null value if it's called by ensure_path_mounted() before accessing that file "/xyz". (Just based on the function name, we're not actually having this case.) - It should return nullptr if the caller is interested in the existence of that particular mount point "/xyz". This CL renames the function to volume_for_mount_point(), which does an exact match by querying the given mount point from libfs_mgr. The former volume_for_path() has been moved down to function scope for serving ensure_path_mounted() only. Test: Build and boot into recovery on bullhead and marlin respectively. 'View recovery logs'. Test: 'Mount /system' Test: 'Apply update from ADB' Change-Id: I1a16390f57540cae08a2b8f3d439d17886975217
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diff --git a/recovery.cpp b/recovery.cpp
index 076b4492..4dc5b540 100644
--- a/recovery.cpp
+++ b/recovery.cpp
@@ -1396,7 +1396,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
1396 printf("Starting recovery (pid %d) on %s", getpid(), ctime(&start)); 1396 printf("Starting recovery (pid %d) on %s", getpid(), ctime(&start));
1397 1397
1398 load_volume_table(); 1398 load_volume_table();
1399 has_cache = volume_for_path(CACHE_ROOT) != nullptr; 1399 has_cache = volume_for_mount_point(CACHE_ROOT) != nullptr;
1400 1400
1401 std::vector<std::string> args = get_args(argc, argv); 1401 std::vector<std::string> args = get_args(argc, argv);
1402 std::vector<char*> args_to_parse(args.size()); 1402 std::vector<char*> args_to_parse(args.size());