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committerTao Bao2017-08-03 13:37:37 -0500
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ui: Check for bootreason=recovery_ui.
Some wear bootloaders are passing bootreason=recovery_ui when booting into recovery from fastboot, or via 'adb reboot recovery'. Allow turning on text mode with a swipe for such a bootreason. Since we will turn on text mode automatically for debuggable builds, this bootreason mainly handles the case for user builds. Note this change only applies to devices that allow touch screen inputs. Bug: 36169090 Test: Build and boot into user build recovery image. Toggle on text mode with a swipe. Change-Id: I55f19aed7b210352f8370de19935b4772cc12095
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diff --git a/ui.h b/ui.h
index 5cda7af0..3d9afece 100644
--- a/ui.h
+++ b/ui.h
@@ -170,6 +170,7 @@ class RecoveryUI {
170 int touch_start_Y_; 170 int touch_start_Y_;
171 bool touch_finger_down_; 171 bool touch_finger_down_;
172 bool touch_swiping_; 172 bool touch_swiping_;
173 bool is_bootreason_recovery_ui_;
173 174
174 struct key_timer_t { 175 struct key_timer_t {
175 RecoveryUI* ui; 176 RecoveryUI* ui;