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* Go back to the old ear-wiggling Android animation.Elliott Hughes2016-04-211-14/+48
| | | | | | | | | | | | | But keep the new code so we can easily test new animations when we have them. This change includes tbao's de-interlace script, plus a one-liner that's necessary to play the animation at the correct speed when there's no progress bar showing. (This was always a bug, it's just way more noticeable when your animation only has 7 frames.) Bug: http://b/28316654 Bug: http://b/26548285 Change-Id: I32c601c352d6be235d1b44f14fca7e125defd77d
* res: Embed FPS into icon_installing.png.Tao Bao2015-12-161-26/+53
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | We allow vendor-specific icon installing image but have defined private animation_fps that can't be overridden. This CL changes the image generator to optionally embed FPS (otherwise use the default value of 20) into the generated image. For wear devices, they are using individual images instead of the interlaced one. Change the animation_fps from private to protected so that it can be customized. Bug: 26009230 Change-Id: I9fbf64ec717029d4c54f72316f6cb079e8dbfb5e
* update tools for making recovery imagesDoug Zongker2014-03-111-0/+53
We no longer render animations as a base image with a possibly-partially-transparent overlay drawn over it, so delete the make-overlay.py tool. Now we represent them as series of images that are interlaced by row (with a special text chunk in the PNG file specifying the number of frames) so add the interlace-frames.py tool to make those. Change-Id: I79443f125f9c7d8d61cd09e3434745e0ef38893f