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* Fix the size mismatch in imgdiffTianjie Xu2017-11-012-0/+0
* tests: Construct two bad packages at runtime for VerifierTest.Tao Bao2017-03-272-0/+0
* tests: Construct signature-boundary.zip at runtime.Tao Bao2017-03-271-0/+0
* Add a checker for signature boundary in verifierTianjie Xu2016-12-161-0/+0
* applypatch: Add testcases for applypatch executable.Tao Bao2016-11-015-0/+0
* Replace minzip with libziparchiveTianjie Xu2016-10-172-0/+0
* Merge \"Clean up verifier testcases.\"Tao Bao2016-08-0120-0/+4
| * Clean up verifier testcases.Tao Bao2016-08-0120-0/+4
* | resolve merge conflicts of 2bf95ac to nyc-dev-plus-aospElliott Hughes2016-04-123-0/+3
| * Convert recovery to use BoringSSL instead of mincrypt.Mattias Nissler2016-04-063-0/+3
* | Port applypatch.sh tests to recovery_component_testsJed Estep2016-03-113-0/+0
* Refactor existing tests to use gtestJed Estep2016-02-0419-0/+114