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* Deprecate USER in favor of BUILD_USERNAMEDan Willemsen2019-01-021-0/+10
* Mark BUILD_NUMBER as obsolete, more vars as readonlyDan Willemsen2018-10-221-0/+17
* Create a new kati packaging step; move distDan Willemsen2018-10-201-0/+26
* Add doc update for phony targetsDan Willemsen2018-09-041-1/+76
* Mark implicit rules as obsoleteDan Willemsen2018-06-211-2/+2
* Mark export/unexport as deprecatedDan Willemsen2018-06-211-0/+50
* Deprecate implicit make rulesDan Willemsen2018-06-201-0/+25
* Restrict / from module namesDan Willemsen2018-06-161-1/+47
* Restrict characters in module namesDan Willemsen2018-06-121-0/+11
* Add documentation around PATH restrictionsDan Willemsen2018-05-181-0/+27
* Remove unnecessary USE_CLANG_PLATFORM_BUILD.Stephen Hines2018-01-111-0/+5
* PRODUCT_COMPATIBILITY_MATRIX_LEVEL_OVERRIDE is deprecated.Yifan Hong2017-12-141-0/+5
* Switch unused deprecated variables to obsoleteDan Willemsen2017-11-291-3/+4
* Mark envsetup.sh vars as deprecated in makefilesDan Willemsen2017-11-281-0/+105