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light service: mark as shutdown critical
Required because the lights need to be turned off late in boot (e.x. during fsck for disk health), and before, blank_screen accessing light encountered a race condition where if it didn't get scheduled before all of the processes which were getting shutdown were getting killed, the screen wouldn't blank. Bug: 74976325 Test: adjusting brightness continues to work Test: screen blanks during shutdown at the correct time including when an artificial 5s delay is inserted when the phone normally fscks (which can also be quick) Change-Id: I57ebc11d7ecf57ee327c681455712f4b53de6fd3
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diff --git a/light/2.0/default/android.hardware.light@2.0-service.rc b/light/2.0/default/android.hardware.light@2.0-service.rc
index 68f74c4d..b54ca95a 100644
--- a/light/2.0/default/android.hardware.light@2.0-service.rc
+++ b/light/2.0/default/android.hardware.light@2.0-service.rc
@@ -3,3 +3,5 @@ service vendor.light-hal-2-0 /vendor/bin/hw/android.hardware.light@2.0-service
3 class hal 3 class hal
4 user system 4 user system
5 group system 5 group system
6 # shutting off lights while powering-off
7 shutdown critical