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* Remove path from hidl_package_root.Steven Moreland2018-07-271-1/+0
* Include libhidl-gen-utils to HAL testsZhuoyao Zhang2018-06-081-0/+1
* Remove subdirsSteven Moreland2017-11-281-4/+0
* Update makefiles for hidl_interface.Steven Moreland2017-11-101-0/+5
* Update comments for VtsHalTargetTestDefaults.Tri Vo2017-08-071-0/+6
* Add cc_defaults VtsHalTargetTestDefaultsTri Vo2017-08-011-0/+23
* Add hidl_default and make modules use hidl_default.Steven Moreland2017-03-081-0/+8
* Stop all these merge conflicts.Steven Moreland2016-10-261-23/+1
* hidl_test: move duplicated code to shared libYifan Hong2016-10-241-0/+2
* Add implementation for hwbinder benchmark service.Zhuoyao Zhang2016-10-211-0/+1
* boot_control: Define the boot_control HIDL interface.Alex Deymo2016-10-191-0/+2
* add default implementation to Hong2016-10-181-0/+3
* Add Bluetooth HAL definitionMyles Watson2016-10-131-0/+1
* Initial version of radio halAmit Mahajan2016-10-101-0/+1
* Auto hardware/interfaces/Android.bpSteven Moreland2016-10-031-0/+1
* Convert to Android.bpDan Willemsen2016-09-301-0/+14