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* Convert gatekeeper hal test to use VtsHalHidlTargetTestEnvBaseZhuoyao Zhang2018-02-101-1/+19
* VTS tests now static link to HAL def libs.Tri Vo2017-08-251-16/+2
* Fix transitive includes.Steven Moreland2017-04-061-0/+2
* Change vts target base test class nameYuexi Ma2017-03-102-4/+4
* hidl_default to all targets.Steven Moreland2017-03-081-0/+1
* change all vts hidl tests to use VtsHalHidlTargetBaseTest (internal master)Yuexi Ma2017-02-282-5/+4
* Merge "Remove viral dependency on libhwbinder. (2/2)"TreeHugger Robot2017-02-241-1/+0
| * Remove viral dependency on libhwbinder. (2/2)Steven Moreland2017-02-241-1/+0
* | gatekeeper HAL uses "default" service nameChris Phoenix2017-02-241-1/+1
* Add test case to gatekeeper VTS tests.Ryan Campbell2017-02-221-1/+31
* Remove .vts spec filesTri Vo2017-02-222-153/+0
* Update the test binary and source file name on master.Zhuoyao Zhang2017-02-212-2/+2
* Remove coverage flags from tests.Ryan Campbell2017-02-141-4/+0
* Update .vts files on master based on the latest .hal file and hidl-genZhuoyao Zhang2017-02-131-0/+1
* move VTS stub files and non-functional testsKeun Soo Yim2017-02-036-149/+0
* Build the gatekeeper tests with coverage flags.Ryan Campbell2017-02-011-0/+4
* Increase timeout for gatekeeper tests.Ryan Campbell2017-01-313-1/+1
* Merge "Fix HalGatekeeperHidlTargetBasicProfilingTest."TreeHugger Robot2017-01-262-0/+38
| * Fix HalGatekeeperHidlTargetBasicProfilingTest.Zhuoyao Zhang2017-01-252-0/+38
* | use the device's default binder/passthrough mode in vts testsKeun Soo Yim2017-01-251-1/+1
* Create gatekeeper profiling test.Ryan Campbell2017-01-112-0/+56
* Return<*> getStatus().isOk() -> isOk()Steven Moreland2017-01-041-4/+4
* Update to use the correct logging library.Yifan Hong2016-12-011-1/+1
* gatekeeper vts testsAlexey Polyudov2016-12-018-0/+652