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* Add defaultSysCodePowerState in types.hal in NFC 1.1Ruchi Kandoi2018-04-041-0/+3
| | | | | | | | Test: Nfc Enable/Disable; test if config is read in logcat Bug: 77496460 Merged-In: I13e21ba18c03c3c7b9eff3aa67e843e7f063b233 Change-Id: I13e21ba18c03c3c7b9eff3aa67e843e7f063b233 (cherry picked from commit c20034218208f157564b5450fa981b8caf5efc19)
* Add VTS Test for getConfig() in NFC 1.1Ruchi Kandoi2018-03-091-0/+15
| | | | | | | Test: run VtsHalNfcV1_1TargetTest Bug: 72080121 Merged-In: I89600b54d64d4f274647ab4426faf5e05b2f3d34 Change-Id: I89600b54d64d4f274647ab4426faf5e05b2f3d34
* NFC 1.1: Add getConfigs() methodRuchi Kandoi2018-03-093-0/+86
| | | | | | | Test: Boot and check Nfc configs initialized Bug: 72080121 Merged-In: I000cea4491b2bd136b9ece232b9d73293804c733 Change-Id: I000cea4491b2bd136b9ece232b9d73293804c733
* Convert nfc hal test to use VtsHalHidlTargetTestEnvBaseZhuoyao Zhang2018-02-101-10/+17
| | | | | | | | Bug: 64203181 Test: make vts vts-tradefed run vts -m VtsHalNfcV1_0Target Change-Id: I7a66c98507811ea4f4a18a8e08476878dfd59748
* Add NFC 1.1 VTS TestRuchi Kandoi2018-02-022-0/+245
| | | | | | Test: Run VtsHalNfcV1_1TargetTest Bug: 72746517 Change-Id: I11db8782e89fe06a33d9d7b56d3270b0ad0341cd
* Add NFC HAL 1.1Ruchi Kandoi2018-02-014-0/+126
Adds factoryReset(). This must be used by the HAL to clear the chip and use the do a full initialization at the next init. Adds closeForPowerOffCase(). There are vendor specific configurations that are need during NFC power off to enable low battery and power off use cases. This will distinguish cases where the user turns NFC off because they do not want to use NFC and NFC is turned off as a result of device switched off. HCI_NETWORK_RESET event has been added to indicate something went wrong on the firmware level and HCI network needs to be re-initialized. Bug: 70294869 Bug: 70294551 Test: Run VtsHalNfcV1_1TargetTest Change-Id: Ib981a56ac94e06b74bd901a159791f09ea16483a