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* Add freeze frame support to obd2_appEnrico Granata2017-04-145-7/+271
* Add code to convert a CarDiagnosticEvent into Diagnostic JsonEnrico Granata2017-04-061-1/+1
* Phone app to collect data from a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle via obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-04-042-0/+14
* Merge "Rework the way diagnostic events are serialized to JSON, and deseriali...TreeHugger Robot2017-03-271-4/+12
| * Rework the way diagnostic events are serialized to JSON, and deserialized:Enrico Granata2017-03-271-4/+12
* | Merge "Add a Bluetooth-based transport to obd2_lib"TreeHugger Robot2017-03-232-0/+127
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Add a Bluetooth-based transport to obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-03-232-0/+127
* | Fix target type inference issue when compiling with javacColin Cross2017-03-2312-12/+24
* Add logic to obd2_lib to generate a live OBD2 frame from a connection.Enrico Granata2017-03-223-0/+111
* Add more sensor types to obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-03-1611-11/+419
* Initial commit of a library that can talk OBD2 over a remote connection (be i...Enrico Granata2017-03-157-0/+621