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* Add freeze frame support to obd2_appEnrico Granata2017-04-145-7/+271
| | | | | | | | This commit adds the ability for obd2_app to retrieve freeze frames from a vehicle, including DTC + sensor data It comes with a few fixes to obd2-lib, and test cases for the new functionality Test: manual via simulator board and runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Change-Id: I4b224a3818a7dcf113d64e7fa5c38de0851b1a08
* Add code to convert a CarDiagnosticEvent into Diagnostic JsonEnrico Granata2017-04-061-1/+1
| | | | | | Test: runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/carservice_test/src/com/android/car/test/ runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Change-Id: I3e20ed08566161763933aa6c35b1f7aa7c2feca2
* Phone app to collect data from a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle via obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-04-042-0/+14
| | | | | Test: manual testing with a Vgate Scan and a Nexus 5X Change-Id: I26d7f7e80b06eb067869ade2d7edb5e22c23731a
* Merge "Rework the way diagnostic events are serialized to JSON, and ↵TreeHugger Robot2017-03-271-4/+12
|\ | | | | | | deserialized:"
| * Rework the way diagnostic events are serialized to JSON, and deserialized:Enrico Granata2017-03-271-4/+12
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | - add a "type" field to distinguish between live and freeze frame data; - make a DiagnosticJson class to contain the deserialized JSON; - move logic to make a VehiclePropValue out of JSON into its own class (DiagnosticJsonReader / DiagnosticJson.Builder) This is useful/necessary because you need to know the number of vendor specific sensors if you're going to generate a valid VehiclePropValue for a real vehicle instead of a test case Test: runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Change-Id: Ibc32fef65907137a36b33bf5ae983f27cff15e87
* | Merge "Add a Bluetooth-based transport to obd2_lib"TreeHugger Robot2017-03-232-0/+127
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Add a Bluetooth-based transport to obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-03-232-0/+127
| | | | | | | | | | Test: manual testing on a Nexus phone Change-Id: Ia4c4605fa22dca22e18fbdef3b29e3effa98919e
* | Fix target type inference issue when compiling with javacColin Cross2017-03-2312-12/+24
|/ | | | | | | | | | javac is unable to determine that the return type of Optional.empty() should be Optional<Float> when called in a lambda inside a hasAtLeast whose return type is inferred from the return value of the function. Work around it by making the type of Optional.empty() explicit. Test: m -j ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK=false Change-Id: I1afb868c4b84d99160623c16f8fa53d19c448b05
* Add logic to obd2_lib to generate a live OBD2 frame from a connection.Enrico Granata2017-03-223-0/+111
| | | | | | | | | | This commit adds a few main moving parts: - logic to intersect the sensor types supported by obd2_lib with those supported by a vehicle; - logic to collect all such supported sensors in one operation, and store the result in a JSON object; - logic to create a VehiclePropValue from JSON data. Test: runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Change-Id: Ic89cd8b615b11a1ba136df1ac6f336e7882ef1c6
* Add more sensor types to obd2_libEnrico Granata2017-03-1611-11/+419
| | | | | | | Test: runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Bug: 36098757 Change-Id: I18312a667ec781f8dc87c210972fe4606348d3fa
* Initial commit of a library that can talk OBD2 over a remote connection (be ↵Enrico Granata2017-03-157-0/+621
it Bluetooth, serial, a file, ...) This commit includes the basic architecture to be able to send live and freeze frame commands and decode the response as either an integer or a floating-point value. Follow-up work will include: a) providing real connection implementations (e.g. Bluetooth); b) providing support for more commands; c) providing helpers to create frames in a format compatible with VehiclePropValue. Test: run the following commands in a shell: runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ runtest -x packages/services/Car/tests/obd2_test/src/com/android/car/obd2/test/ Change-Id: I1def34e514f7c61ebb1856703953b3168e951e88