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Build adbd for recovery
adbd (and its dependencies) are marked as recovery_available:true so that recovery version of the binary is built separately from the one for system partition. This allows us to stop copying the system version to the recovery partition and also opens up the way to enable shared libraries in the recovery partition. Then we can also build adbd as a dynamic executable. Bug: 79146551 Test: m -j adbd.recovery Change-Id: Ib95614c7435f9d0afc02a0c7d5ae1a94e439e32a
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diff --git a/base/Android.bp b/base/Android.bp
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--- a/base/Android.bp
+++ b/base/Android.bp
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ cc_library {
95 name: "libbase", 95 name: "libbase",
96 defaults: ["libbase_defaults"], 96 defaults: ["libbase_defaults"],
97 vendor_available: true, 97 vendor_available: true,
98 recovery_available: true,
98 host_supported: true, 99 host_supported: true,
99 vndk: { 100 vndk: {
100 enabled: true, 101 enabled: true,