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authorMark Salyzyn2016-03-01 15:45:42 -0600
committerDan Willemsen2016-03-22 15:01:15 -0500
commit018a96d03f0d452bf078084eedcd5693da42308d (patch)
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parent80b1b188281b0c89e94cd9c3c3f2b04f007d6b28 (diff)
liblog: split out transports into separate files
Create config_logger, logger and logger_read to house the log interfaces. Add fake_logger, logd_logger and pmsg_logger to house the write and read transports. Allows for an easier and direct path to add new transports to the library. SideEffects: None, logger benchmark performance unaffected Bug: 27176738 Bug: 27405083 Change-Id: I01b38637334a5242905c8c89f6ab0a92e2540008
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/liblog/ b/liblog/
index 6d53a4af0..01c8e77b2 100644
--- a/liblog/
+++ b/liblog/
@@ -24,10 +24,14 @@ include $(CLEAR_VARS)
24# so make sure we do not regret hard-coding it as follows: 24# so make sure we do not regret hard-coding it as follows:
25liblog_cflags := -DLIBLOG_LOG_TAG=1005 25liblog_cflags := -DLIBLOG_LOG_TAG=1005
26 26
27liblog_sources := logd_write.c log_event_list.c log_event_write.c 27liblog_sources := log_event_list.c log_event_write.c logger_write.c
28liblog_sources += config_write.c logger_name.c logger_lock.c
28liblog_host_sources := $(liblog_sources) fake_log_device.c event.logtags 29liblog_host_sources := $(liblog_sources) fake_log_device.c event.logtags
30liblog_host_sources += fake_writer.c
29liblog_target_sources := $(liblog_sources) event_tag_map.c 31liblog_target_sources := $(liblog_sources) event_tag_map.c
30liblog_target_sources += log_time.cpp log_is_loggable.c logprint.c log_read.c 32liblog_target_sources += config_read.c log_time.cpp log_is_loggable.c logprint.c
33liblog_target_sources += pmsg_reader.c pmsg_writer.c
34liblog_target_sources += logd_reader.c logd_writer.c logger_read.c
31 35
32# Shared and static library for host 36# Shared and static library for host
33# ======================================================== 37# ========================================================