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liblog: Instrument logging of logd write drops
- If logger system is prostrated, send an event message with the liblog tag from the associated UID and PID with a count of dropped messages once logging is resumed. - Added to the README a description of the error return values. - Describe in the README the appropriate mitigations for dropped messages. - If the caller sees this message, then /proc/sys/net/unix/max_dgram_qlen is likely too small Change-Id: Iaf387b9e5e1b6aa93bebc7481f9e8353732e3229
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1# The entries in this file map a sparse set of log tag numbers to tag names.
2# This is installed on the device, in /system/etc, and parsed by logcat.
4# Tag numbers are decimal integers, from 0 to 2^31. (Let's leave the
5# negative values alone for now.)
7# Tag names are one or more ASCII letters and numbers or underscores, i.e.
8# "[A-Z][a-z][0-9]_". Do not include spaces or punctuation (the former
9# impacts log readability, the latter makes regex searches more annoying).
11# Tag numbers and names are separated by whitespace. Blank lines and lines
12# starting with '#' are ignored.
14# Optionally, after the tag names can be put a description for the value(s)
15# of the tag. Description are in the format
16# (<name>|data type[|data unit])
17# Multiple values are separated by commas.
19# The data type is a number from the following values:
20# 1: int
21# 2: long
22# 3: string
23# 4: list
25# The data unit is a number taken from the following list:
26# 1: Number of objects
27# 2: Number of bytes
28# 3: Number of milliseconds
29# 4: Number of allocations
30# 5: Id
31# 6: Percent
32# Default value for data of type int/long is 2 (bytes).
34# TODO: generate ".java" and ".h" files with integer constants from this file.
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