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Exporting C headers from system/core
Moved headers from include/libcutils and include/liblog to libcutils/include and liblog/include respectively, so they can be exported via these libs. They needed to be moved since Soong does not allow export from external folder. Added symlink from old locations. They are needed since Soong includes system/core/include by default. Once all modules are cleaned up to explicitly add the required libs, the symlinks will be removed. Also added liblog_vndk_headers that exports a special log/log.h for VNDK. Moved headers of libcutils to libcutils_headers. They should be used by modules for header-only inlines. Added libcutils_headers as dependency of libcutils. Added libcutils_vndk_headers that exports a special cutils/log.h deprecating usage of the file. A later CL will deprecate the one in libcutils_headers Test: Add above libs to shared lib of local module Change-Id: I6e1f9c5f23d8b6eae13dc3b7e5dfe7fae93b8510
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