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authorDan Willemsen2016-02-04 01:29:32 -0600
committerStephen Hines2016-02-25 20:43:55 -0600
commit9dddd137c72a989b414c1bc8e928fb67ee46fac3 (patch)
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Fix windows 64-bit builds
pid_t is 64-bit in 64-bit mingw, but the windows process/thread functions return a DWORD(uint32_t). Instead of promoting to a pid_t and fixing the format strings, just use a uint32_t to store the values. android_thread_id also cannot be a 64-bit pointer, so for windows just force it to be a uint32_t. libutils/ProcessCallStack only works under Linux, since it makes heavy use of /proc. Don't compile it under Windows or Darwin. Bug: 26957718 (cherry picked from commit 86cf941c480de8d5693a24d3feb45574f5c89a86) Change-Id: I8d39d1951fea1b3011caf585c983e1da7959f7c0
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diff --git a/liblog/fake_log_device.c b/liblog/fake_log_device.c
index f4e071b8c..2fe5f6d13 100644
--- a/liblog/fake_log_device.c
+++ b/liblog/fake_log_device.c
@@ -367,7 +367,11 @@ static void showLog(LogState *state,
367 char prefixBuf[128], suffixBuf[128]; 367 char prefixBuf[128], suffixBuf[128];
368 char priChar; 368 char priChar;
369 time_t when; 369 time_t when;
370#if !defined(_WIN32)
370 pid_t pid, tid; 371 pid_t pid, tid;
373 uint32_t pid, tid;
371 375
372 TRACE("LOG %d: %s %s", logPrio, tag, msg); 376 TRACE("LOG %d: %s %s", logPrio, tag, msg);
373 377