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adb shell: Win32: fix Ctrl-C, tab completion, line editing, server echo
The 'adb shell' command on Windows has had problems: * Ctrl-C killed the local Windows adb.exe process instead of sending the Ctrl-C to the Android device. * Local echo was enabled, causing everything typed to be displayed twice. * Line input was enabled, so the Android device only received input after hitting enter. This meant that tab completion did not work because the tab wasn't seen by the shell until pressing enter. * The usual input line editing keys did not work (Ctrl-A to go to the beginning of the line, etc.). This commit fixes these issues by reconfiguring the Win32 console and then translating input into what Gnome Terminal would send, in effect somewhat emulating a Unix terminal. This does not fix all Win32 console issues, but is designed to be better than what we had before, and to make the common day-to-day usage much more comfortable and usable. Change-Id: Idb10e0b634e27002804fa99c09a64e7176cf7c09 Signed-off-by: Spencer Low <>
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