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* Add a 2 width option of clang format.Christopher Ferris2017-03-101-13/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Make the default the 4 tab space version. Add a link to the 2 space version for libbacktrace. The only other difference between the 4 space and 2 space tab version is that the 2 space tab version allows short functions on a single line. This is for things like constructors, short destructors, or accessor functions. I believe this is closer to the Google C++ style guide. Bug: 36046320 Test: NA Change-Id: Ida08db18902eeb101f42869dd5590182529d54ef
* Add a PREUPLOAD.cfg file to run git-clang-format on every commitBowgo Tsai2017-03-081-0/+13
The style file .clang-format is copied from adb/.clang-format. Each sub folders still can have different style by adding their own .clang-format because git-clang-format uses the style file located in one of the parent directories of the *source file*. Also see the following link for previous discussions: Bug: 36046320 Test: repo upload, checks pre-submit fails when the uploading commit doesn't meet the style Change-Id: I94369af197da1ccce581bbd861c8737f6a197429