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* crash_dump: defuse our signal handlers earlier.Josh Gao2018-04-271-11/+15
* crash_dump: fork a copy of the target's address space.Josh Gao2017-12-151-208/+297
* Only call one unwinder.Christopher Ferris2017-10-271-8/+2
* Recommend using pid instead of tid for gdbclient.pydimitry2017-09-121-8/+8
* libdebuggerd: cleanup.Josh Gao2017-08-291-4/+5
* Merge "crash_dump: print the identity of tracers."Treehugger Robot2017-08-181-0/+18
| * crash_dump: print the identity of tracers.Josh Gao2017-08-181-0/+18
* | Compare new unwinder to old unwinder in debuggerd.Christopher Ferris2017-08-111-2/+8
* Debuggerd: Extend crash_dump timeout to 5 secondsAndreas Gampe2017-06-221-1/+4
* Revert "crash_dump: defer pausing threads until we're ready."Josh Gao2017-06-131-30/+26
* crash_dump: defer pausing threads until we're ready.Josh Gao2017-06-071-26/+30
* crash_dump: add tracing.Josh Gao2017-06-071-28/+58
* crash_dump: don't notify ActivityManager if it crashed.Josh Gao2017-06-011-3/+8
* crash_dump: clear the signal mask.Josh Gao2017-06-011-2/+7
* tombstoned: allow intercepts for java traces.Narayan Kamath2017-05-311-5/+12
* tombstoned: Add a shared library version of libtombstoned_client...Narayan Kamath2017-05-221-3/+3
* Remove not-used dependency in crash_dumpChenjie Luo2017-05-081-1/+0
* crash_dump: fetch process/thread names before dropping privileges.Josh Gao2017-03-161-5/+24
* crash_dump: fix warnings, turn on -Werror.Josh Gao2017-03-131-4/+4
* crash_dump: improve logging for when a process dies prematurely.Josh Gao2017-03-101-2/+7
* debuggerd_handler: implement missing fallback functionality.Josh Gao2017-03-091-49/+1
* crash_dump: remove unneeded/faulty checks.Josh Gao2017-02-161-14/+5
* Merge "libdebuggerd_handler: in-process crash dumping for seccomped processes."Josh Gao2017-02-161-2/+2
| * libdebuggerd_handler: in-process crash dumping for seccomped processes.Josh Gao2017-02-151-2/+2
* | Merge "crash_dump: make output fd O_APPEND."Josh Gao2017-02-161-0/+8
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * crash_dump: make output fd O_APPEND.Josh Gao2017-02-151-0/+8
* | crash_dump: fix typos in error messages.Josh Gao2017-02-151-2/+2
* debuggerd_handler: set PR_SET_DUMPABLE before running crash_dump.Josh Gao2017-02-141-37/+43
* crash_dump: collect open files before dropping caps.Josh Gao2017-02-071-4/+6
* crash_dump: read /proc/<pid>/maps before dropping capabilities.Josh Gao2017-02-071-1/+5
* crash_dump: drop capabilities after we ptrace attach.Josh Gao2017-02-021-1/+24
* crash_dump: use /proc/<pid> fd to check tid process membership.Josh Gao2017-02-021-11/+12
* debuggerd: fix `debuggerd -b <pid>`Josh Gao2017-01-301-1/+1
* crash_dump: properly dump when we can't talk to tombstoned.Josh Gao2017-01-241-1/+2
* Merge "Replaced include log/logger.h with log/log.h in debuggerd"Vijay Venkatraman2017-01-241-1/+1
| * Replaced include log/logger.h with log/log.h in debuggerdVijay Venkatraman2017-01-231-1/+1
* | crash_dump: set a watchdog timer.Josh Gao2017-01-231-27/+28
* | crash_dump: switch to PTRACE_SEIZE.Josh Gao2017-01-231-7/+13
* | crash_dump: clear the default crash handlers.Josh Gao2017-01-231-1/+11
* | crash_dump: remove extra log.Josh Gao2017-01-231-2/+0
* crash_dump: don't abort if we fail to attach a sibling.Josh Gao2017-01-201-15/+15
* debuggerd: advance our amazing bet.Josh Gao2017-01-171-0/+388