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* init: Increase maximum number of Android properties to 372android-4.3_r2.3android-4.3_r2.2android-4.3_r2.1Ajay Dudani2013-07-211-5/+5
* Merge "Add permission for bluetooth app in non-primary users" into jb-mr2-devMatthew Xie2013-05-221-0/+8
| * Add permission for bluetooth app in non-primary usersMatthew Xie2013-05-221-0/+8
* | Revert "Add persistent property for SELinux enforcment status."repo sync2013-05-171-1/+0
* | Revert "Reload policy after setting up the data partition."repo sync2013-05-171-0/+3
* Reload policy after setting up the data partition.repo sync2013-04-301-3/+0
* Add persistent property for SELinux enforcment status.repo sync2013-04-251-0/+1
* property_service: make /dev/__properties__ readableNick Kralevich2013-01-231-4/+2
* Revert "init: make system properties more secure."Nick Kralevich2013-01-221-4/+20
* init: make system properties more secure.Nick Kralevich2013-01-181-20/+4
* am 8f98c4b5: Merge "Fix dirfd crash issue in property service"Nick Kralevich2012-10-231-1/+2
| * Fix dirfd crash issue in property serviceYi-wei Zhao2012-10-231-1/+2
* | am 7b88a90d: Merge "Remove HAVE_SELINUX guards"Kenny Root2012-10-171-18/+0
| * Remove HAVE_SELINUX guardsKenny Root2012-10-171-18/+0
* | am 33045b3d: am f9c05970: Merge "init: harden property service."Nick Kralevich2012-10-041-23/+43
| * init: harden property service.Nick Kralevich2012-10-041-23/+43
* | init: Don't read local properties if ro.debuggable=0Nick Kralevich2012-09-191-6/+12
* | bluetooth: bring up with bluedroid stackJeonghoon lim2012-08-151-1/+1
* | am 11c783f1: am 9494f297: Merge "Implement SELinux/MAC checks for property se...Kenny Root2012-08-131-11/+79
| * Implement SELinux/MAC checks for property service.rpcraig2012-08-091-11/+79
* | resolved conflicts for merge of 4dcd52ab to jb-mr1-devKenny Root2012-08-131-0/+6
| * Add support for reloading policy from /data/system.Stephen Smalley2012-08-091-0/+6
* | Allow AID_BLUETOOTH to update persist.service.bdroidRavi Nagarajan2012-08-071-0/+1
* | bluetooth: add property permission for bluetoothjeonghoon.lim2012-07-161-0/+1
* Let users with SYSTEM permission set debug. propertiesRomain Guy2012-04-271-0/+1
* Don't read /data/local.prop on user buildsNick Kralevich2012-01-181-0/+4
* init: export all androidboot cmd line values as ro.boot.xx propsDima Zavin2012-01-051-3/+6
* Delete dead code.Jeff Brown2011-11-181-15/+0
* init: do not load default.prop from ramdisk in charger modeDima Zavin2011-09-061-2/+3
* Allow radio to set sys.usb.configBenoit Goby2011-08-221-0/+1
* Allow radio to set net.cdma* propertiesBenoit Goby2011-07-281-0/+1
* Allow radio to set net.lte* propertiesBenoit Goby2011-07-251-0/+1
* init: update permissions for VPN.Chia-chi Yeh2011-07-081-2/+0
* init: Handle EINTR in handle_property_set_fd()Mike Lockwood2011-07-011-3/+3
* Close the client socket early for ctl.* properties.Brad Fitzpatrick2011-04-011-5/+9
* Close the property socket *after* updating properties.Brad Fitzpatrick2011-03-301-10/+6
* Load the persistent properties after decrypting the /data partitionKen Sumrall2011-03-101-0/+12
* property_service: Give radio permission to set net.qmi*Amol Bhatkar2011-03-021-0/+1
* init: Allow non-root adbd to switch between TCP and USB modesMike Lockwood2010-12-101-0/+1
* Allow AID_RADIO to restart the ril-daemon.Wink Saville2010-10-031-2/+3
* init: use tmpfs/ftruncate for properties backing store instead of ashmemBrian Swetland2010-07-131-6/+15
* init: Allow services to start before property triggers are upColin Cross2010-04-211-1/+7
* init: Move list and log handling to list.h and log.hColin Cross2010-04-211-0/+1
* init: Move prototypes for util.c into util.hColin Cross2010-04-141-0/+1
* init: Move property_set_fd to property_service.cColin Cross2010-04-141-7/+14
* Encrypted File SYstems project. Enabling EFS security properties.Oscar Montemayor2009-11-121-0/+1
* init: Add support for enforcing setprop by caller's group.Mike Lockwood2009-09-021-31/+37
* Add persistent radio prop perms ; cleanup ws and typos.Tammo Spalink2009-08-301-28/+29
* Allow radio to modify net.ppp* properties for dnsRobert Greenwalt2009-08-251-0/+1
* Add device, property, directory, and file permissions for VPN.Chia-chi Yeh2009-06-191-0/+2