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* Change FuseAppLoop so that it can process messages asynchronously.Daichi Hirono2017-03-281-159/+186
| | | | | | | | | | | Previously FuseAppLoopCallback needs to return values in a synchrnous manner. The CL changes it to asynchronous mannger so that apps can process FUSE message asynchrnously. Bug: 35229514 Test: FuseAppLoopTest Change-Id: I8edcfdb003a25cfd5e9c490ec871140220b21e35 (cherry picked from commit f5d15f9fc4b8bd7a866660fe208bf857dea839ba)
* Add FuseAppLoop to libappfuse.Daichi Hirono2016-11-141-0/+221
The class is used at the app side (StorageManager) to parse FUSE commands. Bug: 32260320 Test: libappfuse_test Change-Id: I1ae2904d3290a041f1efbf8fc10ba032eda5449c