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* Use SO_SNDBUFFORCE instead of SO_SNDBUFDaichi Hirono2017-04-281-2/+2
* Retry write operation when getting ENOBUFS.Daichi Hirono2017-03-301-21/+30
* Add FuseMessage::WriteWithBody functionDaichi Hirono2017-03-221-21/+43
* Add ReadOrAgain and WriteOrAgain methods to FuseMessage.Daichi Hirono2017-03-131-51/+106
* Support SOCK_STREAM for bridge between system and appDaichi Hirono2016-12-111-28/+37
* Fix checks for reading and writing FuseMessage.Daichi Hirono2016-12-111-12/+25
* Merge "Use FUSE_COMPAT_22_INIT_OUT_SIZE always if available."Treehugger Robot2016-11-151-10/+5
| * Use FUSE_COMPAT_22_INIT_OUT_SIZE always if available.Daichi Hirono2016-11-151-10/+5
* | Add static assert to check if FuseBuffer is standard layout union.Daichi Hirono2016-11-141-11/+19
* | Add FuseAppLoop to libappfuse.Daichi Hirono2016-11-141-1/+11
* Add FuseBridgeLoop to libappfuse.Daichi Hirono2016-10-271-0/+136