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* Remove more bogus <stdbool.h> #includes from C++.Elliott Hughes2018-05-081-1/+0
| | | | | | Bug: N/A Test: builds Change-Id: I794cd28667c6c65b38940d8f443315ad116b7ac3
* Support * as a wildcard for ATRACE_TAG_APPDaniel Colascione2018-02-091-1/+1
| | | | | Test: strcmp Change-Id: I33ec3ae071e3856538444663bbabb3c779ed8afa
* libcutils: write trace event into socket in containerEarl Ou2017-08-031-0/+173
When Android is running in a container, ftrace trace_marker may be disabled, e.g. Chrome OS verified mode. To enable trace, a socket is created for everyone to send trace event. Modify libcutils so apps using it can write trace to the socket. To achieve this goal without touching code for normal device, trace-container.c is created for code specific to container. Shared code between trace-dev.c and trace-container.c is moved to local trace-dev.h. Note that to avoid sharing FDs across different processes, Zygote closes FD and reopen it to /dev/null if it is a socket. Therefore, we need to manually close FD and reopen it again after forking. This is done in the atrace_set_tracing_enabled as Zygote also use it to clear flags during forking. Related change: - (Chromium) - http://ag/2028075 (Android system/core) - http://ag/1738271 (Android device/google/cheets2) Bug: 29776474, 62410809 Test: run chrome://tracing and see data from the host side. Change-Id: I3fe969e284b972c28e4f32f23cd948aaea61a043