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* liblog: Add functions to reset log contextSuren Baghdasaryan2018-08-011-0/+7
* Suppress gnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments warning.Chih-Hung Hsieh2018-07-261-13/+13
* Declare __fake_use_va_args as a variadic function.Chih-Hung Hsieh2018-07-251-1/+2
* Declare __FAKE_USE_VA_ARGS as a variadic function.Chih-Hung Hsieh2018-07-231-2/+3
* Use __VA_ARGS__ when in clang static analyzer.Chih-Hung Hsieh2018-07-181-14/+26
* [logd] Modernize codebase by replacing NULL with nullptrYi Kong2018-07-131-1/+1
* Modernize codebase by replacing NULL with nullptrYi Kong2018-07-131-1/+1
* Do not customize __format__ for Windows/MinGW to gnu_printfPirama Arumuga Nainar2018-06-251-24/+0
* Add missing @addtogroup tags.Dan Albert2018-04-131-0/+7
* Expose __android_log_buf_print and __android_log_buf_write to NDKTom Cherry2018-02-201-0/+30
* Doxygen format <android/log.h>.Elliott Hughes2018-01-261-21/+44
* Improve ALOGV compatiblity with clang-tidyKrzysztof Wesolowski2018-01-111-2/+4
* Create stats buffer in logd.Stefan Lafon2017-11-142-2/+5
* Make liblog headers compile stand-alone.Jayant Chowdhary2017-10-031-0/+2
* Hide implementation details of log_time structJiyong Park2017-10-031-3/+7
* Add sys/cdefs.h to log/log_main.h.Yifan Hong2017-09-061-6/+3
* Fix misc-macro-parentheses warnings in system/core.Chih-Hung Hsieh2017-08-011-2/+2
* Use void instead of no parameters in 2 function declarations.Ian Elliott2017-07-071-2/+2
* liblog: add bool to android_log_event_listMark Salyzyn2017-06-051-0/+6
* liblog: __android_log_error_write in vndkSteven Moreland2017-05-012-25/+45
* liblog: log_time add usec() and msec()Mark Salyzyn2017-04-191-0/+10
* Merge "libcutils: compile with BOARD_VNDK_VERSION current"Treehugger Robot2017-04-182-2/+35
| * libcutils: compile with BOARD_VNDK_VERSION currentSteven Moreland2017-04-172-2/+35
* | liblog: log_time add explicit to some constructors.Mark Salyzyn2017-04-171-8/+7
* liblog: android_log_event_list class permit -EBUSY retryMark Salyzyn2017-04-131-3/+7
* liblog: replace "frontend" with "transport"Mark Salyzyn2017-03-091-7/+7
* liblog: specify clang formatMark Salyzyn2017-03-0914-722/+718
* liblog: add LOGGER_STDERR frontendMark Salyzyn2017-03-081-5/+6
* liblog: add local_loggerMark Salyzyn2017-02-081-0/+1
* liblog: add logprint to host buildMark Salyzyn2017-02-083-0/+12
* liblog: Add android_set_log_frontendMark Salyzyn2017-02-081-0/+33
* liblog: add android_lookupEventTagNumMark Salyzyn2017-02-021-0/+6
* logcat: test: inject() tuningMark Salyzyn2017-01-301-1/+3
* liblog: add log/log_read.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-262-247/+292
* liblog: add log/log_time.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-252-171/+197
* liblog: add log/log_system.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-252-84/+124
* liblog: add log/log_radio.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-252-86/+126
* liblog: add log/log_id.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-252-35/+64
* ndk: reverse course on android/log.hMark Salyzyn2017-01-253-0/+568
* Revert "Revert "Exporting C headers from system/core""Vijay Venkatraman2017-01-258-0/+1651
* Revert "Exporting C headers from system/core"Vijay Venkatraman2017-01-248-1651/+0
* Exporting C headers from system/coreVijay Venkatraman2017-01-228-0/+1651