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* move libs/utils to libutilsAlex Ray2013-08-021-25/+0
* utils: clarify scoped tracing functionalityAlex Ray2013-07-301-1/+1
* utils: Use cutils tracing functionality.Alex Ray2013-07-301-45/+5
* Reduce emulator logspamAndy McFadden2013-07-301-2/+2
* Add callback hack to find out when to reload system properties.Dianne Hackborn2013-07-301-4/+18
* Change name of system property for traces.Dianne Hackborn2013-07-301-1/+1
* Add a log tagGlenn Kasten2013-07-301-0/+2
* Expose the set of enabled tags.Jeff Brown2013-07-301-1/+3
* libutils: add a system-wide tracing utilityJamie Gennis2013-07-301-0/+47