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* | am 9259663c: am f17f5591: am 36d44740: Merge "Fix a bunch of small system/cor...Elliott Hughes2013-10-292-1/+3
| * Fix a bunch of small system/core bugs.Elliott Hughes2013-10-292-1/+3
* | am 4d5d633b: am 20eb7ac2: am 3c8bdef0: Merge "libsparse: Use BIONIC implement...Elliott Hughes2013-09-201-9/+0
| * libsparse: Use BIONIC implementation of mmap64()Daniel Leung2013-09-181-9/+0
* | Add append2simg.Geremy Condra2013-08-072-2/+114
* libsparse: Fix null pointer issueHong-Mei Li2013-03-311-0/+3
* Support for multiple modules with the same name is going away.Joe Onorato2012-08-151-37/+35
* libsparse: fix 32 bit overflow when calculating last chunkColin Cross2012-07-231-1/+1
* libsparse: rename symbols that conflict with libext4_utilsColin Cross2012-07-103-14/+14
* libsparse: add sparse_file_lenColin Cross2012-07-102-0/+38
* libsparse: add function to resparse a file and a utility to use itColin Cross2012-07-108-22/+365
* libsparse: add callback output file typeColin Cross2012-07-104-28/+175
* libsparse: pseudo-subclass output_file for normal and gz filesColin Cross2012-07-102-81/+158
* libsparse: add sparse_file read and convert tools to use itColin Cross2012-07-105-535/+643
* libsparse: fix windows image writingColin Cross2012-07-102-3/+38
* libsparse: merge adjacent blocks of the same typeColin Cross2012-07-103-9/+76
* libsparse: add error reporting functionsColin Cross2012-07-105-1/+59
* libsparse: add support for including fdsColin Cross2012-07-106-17/+99
* libsparse: cleanupsColin Cross2012-07-106-473/+447
* libsparse: remove static variablesColin Cross2012-07-104-67/+87
* system/core: move libsparse into system/coreColin Cross2012-07-1015-0/+2320