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* [logd] Modernize codebase by replacing NULL with nullptrYi Kong2018-07-131-3/+3
* logd: validate and fill in socket credentialsMark Salyzyn2017-05-111-2/+28
* logd: add Chattiest LOG_TAG statisticsMark Salyzyn2017-04-241-0/+73
* Revert "logd: add Chattiest LOG_TAG statistics"Mark Salyzyn2017-04-241-79/+0
* logd: add Chattiest LOG_TAG statisticsMark Salyzyn2017-04-211-0/+79
* logd: reader/writer element locksMark Salyzyn2017-04-201-0/+1
* logd: statistics add logspanMark Salyzyn2017-04-191-1/+137
* logd: replace stats.add+stats.subtract with stats.addTotalMark Salyzyn2017-04-191-5/+16
* logd: statistics truncate nameMark Salyzyn2017-04-131-30/+31
* logd: specify clang formatMark Salyzyn2017-03-131-119/+106
* logd: add getEventTag command and serviceMark Salyzyn2017-02-021-4/+3
* Merge "Revert "logd: trailing spaces in log statistics""Treehugger Robot2016-12-201-1/+1
| * Revert "logd: trailing spaces in log statistics"Mark Salyzyn2016-12-191-1/+1
* | logd: add android::sizesTotal() functionMark Salyzyn2016-12-191-0/+5
* logd: record multiple duplicate messages as chattyMark Salyzyn2016-12-151-2/+11
* Define range of GIDs for cached app data.Jeff Sharkey2016-12-131-1/+1
* utils: Add FastStrcmp.hMark Salyzyn2016-12-091-2/+2
* logd: report statistics memory overheadMark Salyzyn2016-11-041-0/+1
* liblog: logd: logcat: Split out log/logger.h into public and private.Mark Salyzyn2016-10-241-1/+1
* logd: report logging memory overheadMark Salyzyn2016-10-051-38/+63
* liblog: logd: Add android_lookupEventTag_len()Mark Salyzyn2016-10-031-3/+4
* logd: Worst Tag filter enabled for events bufferMark Salyzyn2016-07-151-0/+13
* logd: trailing spaces in log statisticsMark Salyzyn2016-07-151-1/+1
* logd: switch from android_ids to getpwuidMark Salyzyn2016-04-141-7/+16
* logd: Add worst pid of system filterMark Salyzyn2015-12-291-1/+46
* logd: statistics per-pid filterMark Salyzyn2015-12-181-14/+29
* logd: liblog: logcat: Add LOG_ID_SECURITYMark Salyzyn2015-12-081-2/+15
* logd: statistics report chatty effective percentageMark Salyzyn2015-10-301-5/+55
* logd: correct for number of elements in pruneMark Salyzyn2015-10-131-0/+5
* logd: object layer format statisticsMark Salyzyn2015-10-051-282/+190
* logd: optimize code hotspotsMark Salyzyn2015-10-021-2/+2
* logd: switch asprintf to std::stringMark Salyzyn2015-08-201-9/+2
* logd: statistics switch to std::stringMark Salyzyn2015-08-201-90/+110
* logd: switch to unordered_map from BasicHashtableMark Salyzyn2015-06-031-5/+4
* Merge "logd: Add TID statistics"Mark Salyzyn2015-05-131-0/+60
| * logd: Add TID statisticsMark Salyzyn2015-05-121-0/+60
* | logd: CleanupMark Salyzyn2015-05-121-2/+1
* | logd: Add klogdMark Salyzyn2015-05-121-4/+12
* logd: Add Tag statisticsMark Salyzyn2015-05-121-0/+55
* logd: uidToName add dex2oat UIDMark Salyzyn2015-05-071-2/+7
* logd: class hierarcy for Uid and Pid statistics.Mark Salyzyn2015-04-211-114/+13
* logd: Statistics headersMark Salyzyn2015-04-211-8/+25
* Merge "logd: syscall optimization"Mark Salyzyn2015-04-151-1/+1
| * logd: syscall optimizationMark Salyzyn2015-04-011-1/+1
* | logd: pidToUid incorrectMark Salyzyn2015-04-141-1/+1
* | logd: disable worst uid prune for events bufferMark Salyzyn2015-04-101-1/+1
* | logd: annotate worst-UID pruned entriesMark Salyzyn2015-04-101-14/+78
* | logd: Build BreakageMark Salyzyn2015-04-081-2/+1
* | logd: uidToName improvementMark Salyzyn2015-04-081-1/+5
* | logd: Add Pid statisticsMark Salyzyn2015-04-081-50/+166